Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TRAITOR Congressman Cao, Conservatives favorite Moderate.

NOTE : Congressman Cao, who I once liked because he stood on principle, has siden with the damn Democrats on health care, this son of a ***** is a traitor to this Nation, and his party. Kick his communist ass the hell out!


While some claim that Conservative Republicans want to purge the party of all moderates & liberals who are present in the party, which is 100% incorrect, as we want a party which is overwhelmingly Conservative, however, in some areas of the country we will accept our moderate Republican counterparts with open arms.

Those same idiots are now forgetting or neglecting to include the Moderate Republicans which Conservatives do support.

Take for example Republican Congressman Joseph Cao (pronounced GOW for those that did not read this press release) who defeated the corrupt Democrat Congressman William "cold cash" Jefferson in Louisiana's second congressional district, and now represents the district in the House of Representatives. While Congressman Cao has only voted with Republicans 77% of time, including votes against the stimulus package, " cap & tax" legislation, and his opposition to the health care legislation in Congress, Cao has become the "Moderate" darling of the Conservative blogosphere.

How could this be? According to the Main Stream Media, Liberal Democrats, and even some Republicans, all Conservative Republicans and the blogosphere which we belong to, just hate all moderate Republicans who have ever been elected to Congress, or born for that matter. Well, Congressman Cao has received our support for numerous reasons.

1.Congressman Cao defeated the corrupt William "cold cash" Jefferson, and Cao is the only Republican who can win in this district. Not to mention, he is just a regular American attempting to help in the United States Congress.

2.Congressman Cao is a staunch opponent to abortion, which is why he joined the Republican party in the first place.

3.Congressman Cao opposes the current health care legislation in the United States House of Representatives because it will contain abortion in the bill, even though he knows he will probably lose his campaign all because of his personal values. As Cao later said, "but I have to live with myself, and I always reflect on the phrase of the New Testament, ‘How does it profit a man’s life to gain the world but to lose his soul.".

Now, Congressman Cao is back in the news, as he joins the campaign in support of Bob McDonnell's Gubernatorial bid in Virginia, hoping to bring Vietnamese-Americans out to the polls on Election day, in support of Bob McDonnell, a fine Conservative Republican who leads his Democratic opponent by double digits with one week to election day.

Congressman Cao is my favorite Moderate Republican, so to those that say we Conservatives do not like Moderates in the Republican party, why don't you just shut up, and do the world a favor.

Also, Congressman Cao is way to the right of the Republican nominee in New York's big election in the 23rd congressional district.

Cao falls on the sword for Conservatism - http://www.redstate.com/swamp_yankee/2009/08/03/rep-joseph-cao-falling-on-the-sword-for-conservatism/

Cao campaigns for Bob McDonnell's campaign in Virginia - http://www.realclearpolitics.com/politics_nation/2009/10/rep_cao_stumping_for_mcdonnell.html

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