Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game Review: Geopolitical Simulator

Several weeks ago I had the good fortune of being introduced to the game Geopolitical Simulator. Produced by Eversim, it takes on the large task of simulating trends in diplomatic, economic, and political arenas.
The Good:
I played games as the United States, Georgia, Taiwan, and others and was impressed by the level of detail that the game introduced. For example, compared to its competitors, like Superpower or Superpower 2, GPS blows them away. Realism is much better and interactions between countries are more realistic. GPS is the most realistic world simulator on the market today.

As leader of a dictatorship, you make decrees. As the leader of a democracy, you deal with Parliament. If your approval is too low or you're caught making deals with terrorists or building nuclear weapons you can get kicked out. A positive aspect of the game is the United Nations feature, which allows the player to ask the UN to cut off relations or attack an aggressive nation.

There are plenty of scenarios for the player to undertake: increase their approval rating, build nuclear weapons, annex their neighbor, or balance the budget. All are challenging and instructive in their own way.

You also deal with rival advisers, pop culture figures, and leaders of other nations and religions. These add a sense of realism and another layer to the game.The Bad

Swings in public opinion can be very, very volatile. I was kicked out within a week on several occasions. This algorithm creates instability and a lack of realism.

The game could also run quicker. Having to wait twenty seconds a day while waiting for a two-year election cycle or nuclear program can be boring.

Diplomatic ties are not well done. While trade agreements and alliances could be made, simpler things like sending troops to support another nation's mission, training missions, direct aid, cultural ties, and intelligence sharing are not. This was the main drawback.

The Bottom Line

Geopolitical Simulator is a good experience for anyone interested in global politics. Its system is refined and can show the difficulties and intrigues it takes to run a country. So if you're interested in the genre or just a way to spend some hours, buy Geopolitical Simulator by Eversim.

Final rating:

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Very interesting.. I never know any Free Games that can teach us also about politic. So it's definitely a new variety in gaming world.