Friday, October 30, 2009

Here Come the Mummies

Here's an overview of the band, Here Come the Mummies:

Here Come the Mummies is a Funk/R&B band most well known for their live performances, in which band members come onstage dressed in full mummy attire, a concept and look that is similar to the 1990's punk band, The Mummies. However, on their homepage forum, they have addressed the issue, saying, "this is a totally different band. We formed around 2000, and we did not find out about the 90's punk band "The Mummies" until several years later. Aside from the look and the underlying humor, we do not have much in common. That said, we do find their pictures, music and vibe very amusing."

The band consists of various professional musicians based in Nashville, TN. There are rumored to be several Grammy awards among the members, though this is difficult to verify as identities are kept private. They are believed to be under contract to various record labels, and hide their identities so as to prevent contract disputes while performing.

The band consists of a typical base, with a guitarist, drummer, bassist, as well as a percussionist and keyboardist. Outside of that is a brass section, consisting of trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and baritone sax. These can rotate out per show, though there is always a trumpet and saxophone present. Typically the band plays with around ten members on stage.

They keep a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, and are always in character, even down to the band history and individual bios.

The band's song Dirty Minds has been featured on the ABC television show Big Shots.

The band is signed on the independent label Sphinxter Records, through which they have released three albums, Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave (2002), Everlasting Party (2003), and Single Entendre (2008).

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