Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Halloween Costumes

Dr. Jose Chicoinio M.D. is here to tell you lads what the hottest Halloween costumes are in a top five countdown. We've heard all about people going as President Obama and, what are you kids doing now adays... uh, Walter Cronkite, but here are some even better get-ups.

5. In a hitch, if you don't have any clothes, you can always mutilate yourself for free.
4. An easy way to make blood if you go as a vampire is to put Hawaiian Punch on your mouth. Either that or use real blood.
3. Dress up as if you are invisible. When asked what you are, respond that you are dressed as the jobs the President has created.
2. Go around eating brains. If people ask if you are going around dress up as a zombie, answer honestly: no.
1. If you want your Frankenstein costume to be realistic, it never hurts to graft several limbs to your body in replace of your originals.

Note: Duh, these are fake. If you do them, it's your fault. Happy Halloween.
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