Friday, October 23, 2009

LGF Attacks Autistic Blogger

Note: This article is not satire or humor.

UPDATE 10/26: Johnson continues!

Charles Johnson, writer for the formerly great Little Green Footballs, has gone on the record repeatedly stating that if a blog allows an offensive comment, it is as if the writer for the blog had written it themselves.

Well, in a hitpiece against us, Johnson allowed the following comment up on his site:
That picture happens to be of Joseph Chicoine, an autistic 20-year old college student who is a friend of my brother and I. We put a picture of him on the top of our blog, something that made him ecstatic. We made a difference in his life. We put him next to his hero John McCain so that everyone can see him in that light.

And along comes Cato the Elder, who could do nothing better than to insult an innocent autistic gentleman.

What has Charles Johnson done about this? Not only did he start the feeding frenzy, but he's read our blog and knows that it's an autistic student, but he refuses to take the comment down. If HotAir or Rush Limbaugh did this, he would insult them until his fingers bled. Instead, he promotes this sort of personal attack, being a blight on the blogosphere.

Charles, get over yourself and put a retraction.

Have you no shame?

UPDATE 11:42 pm:

Charles had the NERVE to defend the attack. He had a chance to end it, but directly continues the insults:
UPDATE: 12:27 am:
And now the original poster is asking CJ to cover it up. Johnson not only hasn't deleted the comment, but is still trashing us. He needs to not just delete the comment, but place a full retraction immediately.
We've gotten support from the people at LGF 2.0, Da Tech Guy, RS McCain, the Daley Gator, the Urban Grind, and the Sitx Blog. Thanks a lot!

UPDATE 1:27AM, October 26:

We explore Charles's mind to see why he defended an attack on an autistic person:

(Note, this video is supposed to be funny, but the content contained in it is true)

UPDATE 10/26: Johnson continues!

UPDATE 1/30/10: To defend Joe, we have taken down his picture. He was very sad.

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Cato the Elder said...

I'm not trying to cover anything up. You have preserved the comment for all time. In fact, you've ensured that your friend will be insulted by it on your own blog. How's that going to make him feel?

If you publish a blog it is public and anything you post is open to mockery. If there's something you don't want mocked, tell us why. A random picture doesn't qualify for satire protection unless you give us a reason.

--Cato the Elder

Editor said...

The reason is that he's autistic.

You know it.

Stop defending making fun of autistic people.


Buckaroo Banzai said...

Wow, maybe I missed Cato's apology in there. I'll have to read his above comment again.

Cato the Elder said...

I thought I was making fun of you. You're the one who's guaranteeing your friend will feel bad.

What does that make you?

Editor said...

Wait, you thought you were making fun of me, so that makes it all right to insult my autistic friend?

Don't apologies have the words "I'm sorry" in them?

Cato the Elder said...

The only thing I'm sorry about is the spectacle you're making of yourself and your friend. There's nothing I can do to prevent that.

Editor said...


I'm just defending my friend. You have the power to stop attacking him at any time.

Cato the Elder said...

You truly are a mental midget.

Editor said...

So I'm a mental midget because I don't make fun of autistic people?

I'm not following your logic.

Cato the Elder said...

No, you're really not.

Good night to you.

Anonymous said...

Cato is just a little greenfootballs troll.

Bunk X said...

The folks at little green toejam owe you folks a retraction and a sincere apology, imo.

Anonymous said...

Cato himself is a gorgeous hunk of man.

Remember, if it's on the internet..........

Anonymous said...

Take it as a huge compliment, Matthew, that pathetic self obsessed Charles is following your blog. And, you hit a nerve. Charles only breaks out the juvenille insults when someone has hit the big bullseye on his hypocrisy-which you definitely did.

Paul said...

Mr. whateveryournamis, when you put a picture on the top of your site like this, people WILL assume it is you, they WILL mock it assuming it is you, and it is only YOUR fault.

If this autistic boy is saddened by all of this, you made him said, not some Evil Lizard.

Anonymous said...

Cato the Elder, please take a look at this:

African Moondog said...

I remember the days when Zombie was an "LGF Operative". It was well known that her name was secret because if she was outed there was the distinct danger that she could be in real danger. After all, she is in Berkley where Marcus Foster also worked. LGF was very proud of her. Now, not only do they take the name of an undoubted idiotarian, (Van Jones) over her's, but certain anonymous lizards now wish to out her. That is so vindictive.

Serr8d said...

Matthew, thanks for the visit. I'll put you on my rotating reader and keep an eye on things.

As for Charles Johnson, there's nothing sane left about the man. That post I linked earlier (written by one of the best bloggers left from the Pajamas Media era, Dennis the Peasant) is what I consider the Last Word Need Spoken about Charles Johnson. Except for his obituary, of course.

Zelda said...

Cato the Elder, don't you have anything better to do that to come here and make fun of a picture on this blog?

You don't have to agree with the contents of this blog. But the fact that you stooped so low as to make fun of the picture on the blog's header just reflects poorly on you. It's obvious that you can't argue your position using facts. So instead, you resort to ad hominem attacks.

Michael, the fact that you got under Charles Johnson's skin only goes to show that you're doing something right. Keep up the good work.

Serr8d said...

Be sure to read this post on The Littlest Johnson at Protein Wisdom (my favorite blog). Darleen equates CJ to Rather (that's got to sting).

And Vanderleun poked CJ's jaw pretty good too (from a comment I left on guest blogger 'The Sanity Inspector''s PW post).

Oh, I asked that that comment be spirited back to LGF, but TSI didn't do it; Cato the Sucker of CJ's Elder Cock, can you do it for me?

And answer this for me: when you, Cato the Sucker of CJ's Elder Cock, get an 'upding' from Master Charles, do you have to fight a sudden urge to pant, salivate and lurch towards the refrigerator?

Anonymous said...

The dazzlingly brilliant Paul said... when you put a picture on the top of your site like this, people WILL assume it is you,...

Yeah, just like the picture on Iowahawk's site is really David Burge. The posters left at 1.0 are truly mental midgets following a floundering clown of a blog owner. Must give them the warm and fuzzies. Either that or their Depends are leaking.

Tom G. said...

And those other two pictures on top are of the bloggers.

Unknown said...

You know, I understand that CJ has incurable brain clusters, but I'm not going to make fun of him. He should mind his glass walls, I think. Hey! Let's all make fun of the drooling brain cluster victims!

LGF has sunken quite low to be left only with ripping on Autistic people.


Anonymous said...

You know, Cato, I'm wondering why you felt the need to attack any photo, regardless of who the photo might belong to. Are you one of those insecure people with an inferiority complex?

You assumed the photo belonged to the blogger, yet rather than take on the blogger himself, you immediately began picking on someone's appearance. You never know what the story behind a picture might be, but that didn't stop you from being cruel and juvenile.

Are you 12 yrs. old? Are you still spending your days on the playground, name-calling and mocking the other kids? I shudder to think that you might be an adult with the behavior you exhibited.

Everything on the net is "open to mockery"? How is that a justification or excuse for your own personal, poor character that you feel the desire to mock first, question later? Why are you trying to blame the blogger for your own personal actions? It was your decision to be cruel. No one forced you to be so.

While I am glad that you asked to have your comment removed, you negated any credibility by then coming here attacking and blaming the blogger. You call him a "mental midget" that your PC term for "retard"? It would seem to fit into your vocabulary and character as a human being, based on what you've thus far shown.

Let me assure you that picking on an autistic person, any person with special needs, is extremely hurtful. There are no 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it. No justifications, no excuses can make it any less hurtful.

All you needed to do here was apologize. It's that simple. You accuse the blogger of preserving the comment and insulting his friend. You miss the entire point.

The comment is being preserved, not to insult his friend, but to defend his friend and to showcase people like yourself - cruel, ignorant, intolerant people who show no remorse when caught behaving cruelly towards a person with special needs.

Your name is now in lights and the light doesn't present a very nice picture of you as a human being.

God forbid you ever have a loved one who is "different"...they will surely find no acceptance or understanding in you.

DEZ and the Face Huggers. said...

Cato, came here for one reason.
To try and shame you into removing his vile comments.
Its not the 1st time he has attacked the disabled, (Trig Palin) for one example).
He has no compassion, and when called out on it, lashes out with more insults.
He is nothing more than a pompous troll.

Anonymous said...

why does charles johnson hate autistic people?

Anonymous said...

All you needed to do here was apologize. It's that simple. You accuse the blogger of preserving the comment and insulting his friend. You miss the entire point.

Maybe. But it is the jerk who runs this crappy blog who should apologize first for using the unflattering picture of his alleged autistic friend on his blog, thus inviting the accidental mockery in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote:
Maybe. But it is the jerk who runs this crappy blog who should apologize first for using the unflattering picture of his alleged autistic friend on his blog, thus inviting the accidental mockery in the first place.

So you're using the "she wore a short skirt, so she deserved to be raped" defense.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:28 PM said:

"But it is the jerk who runs this crappy blog who should apologize first for using the unflattering picture of his alleged autistic friend on his blog, thus inviting the accidental mockery in the first place."

The blogger had every right to post a picture of HIS friend on HIS blog. That does NOT give people like Cato the right to engage in cruel behavior, nor does posting a pic of a friend on a personal blog "invite" such behavior. In fact, the pic posted on this blog was totally unrelated to the post being attacked, so in what manner did it even need to be involved?

Cato and LGF obviously don't have the intelligence or integrity to actively debate the post involved and must instead attack a pic in the header?

There is no such thing as "accidental mockery", you either decide to mock someone or you don't, period. He made a conscious decision to be an asshole and acted upon that decision.

Anon @ 6:36 PM said:

"So you're using the "she wore a short skirt, so she deserved to be raped" defense."


j said...

Yep, Cato uses the excuses and language of your typical abuser.

Anonymous said...

Cato- yes you are a loser


Beto said...

I used to be a regular at LGF but quit the scene because of people like Cato The Elder. He is one of the ugliest people on the net.
He revels in his smug elitism and jokes about things like the children burned to death at Mt Carmel.

Anonymous said...

So, Cato mocks people with autism, mocks people with Downs Syndrome and finds burning children funny?

My, what nice people Charles Johnson allows on his site. Sounds like a hate site, just chock full of hate speech.

Comments reflect on the blog owner, ya know. I guess Mr. Johnson also enjoys mocking people with special needs and finds burning babies funny since he allows someone like that to post there.

Cato the Elder said...

I know it's pointless and the difference will escape you all, but I never attacked Trig Palin.

I attacked his mendacious mother for using and abusing his disability to foist her paranoid fantasy of "death panels" on a credulous public.

Sarah Palin is an atrocious opportunist who would sell Trig to Doktor Mengele, the Auschwitz Angel of Death, for a shot at power.

Anonymous said...

It's what the tiny click over there does for their jollies. They even go and make fake posts on other blogs so they can then blame them and their little leader can ban them. It's what they did to zombie, made fake posts and then tried to say zombie made them. Cato the uneducated even tried to say zombie threatened him. Sounds more like someone with mercury poisoning or the long term affect of an untreated STD.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, it's Cato, slithered out from under Charles' shoe.

Hey, Cato. I just read on another blog that you yourself are, in fact, disabled. That the news story posted above is, in fact, about you. Is that true? If so, would you like to explain how it is that you can condone your mocking of another disabled person with no remorse or apology?

Is it that you have some sort of personal classification system in place whereby you somehow determine that your disability is superior to another's? Or is that you have a chip on your shoulder because of your own disability and that is why you are so mean.

Of course, if you are not really disabled, then the question is moot, but the question remains as to why you felt it okay to mock a disabled person.

I notice how you attempted to excuse yourself from Trig Plain, yet no mention of mocking an autistic (once you realized you had done so) or finding burning children funny....

Tell us, seeing as Charles refused to delete your comment after you asked him too, what does that say about Charles using you as a scapegoat to condone his own vile attitude?

Anonymous said...

"If she would just slit her own wrists and leave it at that, it would save Obama’s jack-booted thugs the trouble of hauling her up before a Palin Panel and pulling the Trig."

- Cato the Elder

Cato the Elder said...

Yes, brave Anonymous. I said that. It's an attack on Sarah, but I don't expect you to understand any kind of subtlety. The fact that you're posting here virtually excludes that possibility.

Anonymous said...

Do stop trying to deflect the thread to Palin, Ned.

Why not answer to the real subject of the thread, oh brave one, and explain why you feel it's okay to mock a disabled person and why you offered no apology once you realized you were in the wrong.

No blaming the blogger for your actions, they had every right to post a pic of their friend on their blog.

You made the decision to mock.

Your avoidance of the many issues raised here against your character and integrity is telling...

Beto said...

So he beats a woman with her own disabled infant and calls it subtlety. Told you he is scum.

BigPapa said...

This is stupid. He mad fun of the guy in the blog, not the person in the picture. The autism is after the fact and not relevant.

I supposed that if the guy has syphilis or a hang nail CJ is making fun of people with syphilis or hang nails.

Anonymous said...

Cato and Charles have made it big time: USA Today -

"Little Green Footballs Attacks Autistic Blogger",+Government+Officials,+Strategists/U.S.+Senators/John+McCain/00cf1ev7NU494/1

Cato the Idiot said...

Beto said...

"So he beats a woman with her own disabled infant and calls it subtlety."


Jim said...

94 Cato the Elder Sat, Oct 24, 2009 7:14:36pm replyquote

"Lizards, I come from einer kleinen Wanderschaft in the Wasteland of the Witless. I could use a little help over here, if any are so inclined.

Though on second thought it may not be worth the candle."

Now, now, Ned. You made the decision to do what you did. Why are you now begging for backup? Getting a little hot in the kitchen?

Think anyone cares what Charles' other sycophants have to say? Think it will give you credibility to have the likes of them, your friends from the LGF hate site making excuses for you?

The whole wide net already knows that you all are nothing but an echo chamber.

Be a man and fight your own battles.


Cato the Elder said...

I do.

But it's not worth the wear and tear...

"Big fleas have little fleas
Upon their backs to bite 'em
And little fleas
Have smaller fleas
And so, ad infinitum."

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Is it really that difficult to apologize for unintentionally insulting someone who is autistic?

The insult was immature enough, but not being man enough to apologize for the original mistake makes it look like this jackass would do it over again despite having knowledge about his target.

Anonymous said...

Excuses, excuses.

You lost the war when you ran begging with your tail tucked between your legs. Unable to stand on your own two feet and deal with what you created.

Scurry away now, little mouse, and know that this thread will stand as testament to you and your cowardly, excusing behavior - Cato the Coward.

Have one of the friends who threw you under the bus pull that fork out of your back, 'cuz you're definitely done.

Jim said...

Mark K. Sprengel said...

"... makes it look like this jackass would do it over again despite having knowledge about his target.."

He would. And he has.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Jim said...

"He would. And he has."

And mad king chuckles thinks he can judge other blogs? That would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetically sad.

Anonymous said...

Cato ought to feel embarrassed. There's no reason to be ashamed of that picture. Hopefully Joseph realizes that.

Cato's like a husband who gets caught cheating on his wife. When confronted with evidence of his infidelity, he attacks her for not respecting his privacy.

Not the issue, Cato. The insult won't go away by pretending it never happened. The damage was already done. You attacked a man without cause.

Mocking appearance? Wow, what witty "satire". Right up there with Perez Hilton. When did LGF stop caring about ideas? What a joke.

Jim said...

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Blogs. People. Ideology. Beliefs. Thoughts.

Mad King Chuckles is the judge of all. And yes, he and his jackboot lickers are pathetic.

Thousands have been banned from his site for simply disagreeing with him.

Anonymous said...

I guess the lack of spirituality displayed by LFG regulars is manifesting itself lately in unbridled hatred of those not as evolved as themselves.
Sure sounds just like Darwin's thesis.

Anonymous said...

Ned [Cato] feels superior. It is astounding.

He and Charles and KKKTrout, with a few others, have surrounded themselves with sycophant non-thinkers.

The site is so insipid now that a poster named Aloutte posted today that she "wonders if she should tear out the pages in the LGF cookbook that are recipes from the banned."

People, it doesn't get more ridiculous than that. That formerly great blog is dull, frequently in error, posts no corrections, brooks no dissent, and posts news items mainly about other blogs commenting about the LGF blog.

Ned, your service dog is not for a sight related disability. Have you looked in a mirror? People who live in glass houses........

Anonymous said...

I used to frequent the LGF hatesite, even got registered(woo!). But that was before all the crazy set in. I may go get banned some day, but haven't been there in ages.
The major pastime there is ripping on others. They have no ideas of their own. I think CJ has developed some sort of pathology, and his synchophants and various ass particles are always slobbering themselves just to get stroked by Dear Leader. It's all very strange in a sick and twisted way.

Anonymous said...

I will remain curious to the end about what happened to LGF. In Oct 2008 there was freedom of speech and Charles was seeing clearly that Obama was not worthy of the office of POTUS. After 11/04/2008 did he become a Pod person? A chanting, mindless, yes-we-can, robot? I cannot reconcile the pre-election Charles the post-election spectacle that now runs LGF. Every article now bashes Conservatives, Christians, and other opinions that diverge from his-- which are all over the place, but primarily filled with hate against Christians. What a mess. Now he's even dumped on Zombie? This is like a bad movie. And whose that gasbag Sharmuta? or MandyManners (who has no manners and uses foul language like a salt to season each thread.) They have their noses so far up Charles' rear as to be embarassing. I miss IronFist who had something to say. He doesn't visit often. I don't go there but to sigh and shake my head. Hey Cato, man-up and apologize for opening your HUGE pie-hole and being rude.

KT said...

I never registered there, but I used to read there every day. Had several people recommend the site to me back in the day.

Personally, I think Charles just reverted back to liberalism and didn't have the balls to admit it to his commenters or readers.

Anyone not familiar with the old LGF who looked at his site today would see a liberal site, with liberal rantings of intolerance, censorship, anti-conservative and pro-everything liberal.

Charles is just as big a coward as Cato. They both refuse to own up to what they really are.

Anonymous said...

I started browsing LGF back in 2001 shortly before 9/11. I found that the coverage of the second intifada, and what the Jihadist were really up to, to be truthful and informative.
But since the beginning of the last election cycle, and in my mind with the commencement of the LGF/Atlas Shrugged flame war, LGF has really gone down the tubes and has turned into nothing but a place for ugly vitriol and insults. Sorry Charles but it seems you have distracted yourself from the issues and have turned towards the darkside where it is more important to flame the messenger then deal with the message he carries. I don't want to read 'this blogger said that' or 'that newsman said this'. I want to read and dissect the real world and it's events. LGF is just a hollow shell of what it was back in it's hey-day of honest debate and Reaganite(sic?). I will not be reading there anymore....

Serr8d said...

Someone should pick up and run with the fact that Charles Johnson used PayPal credit card records to 'out' people who wanted to remain private, after he turned on them.

First, he solicits PayPal donations. Then, he mines the credit card information to find out names and addresses. And, if in his crazed mind he feels 'slighted' (a 'downding' on one of his posts) he posts or threatens to post that supposedly private information on the web.

This sort of behavior puts a chill on those who would use PayPal to contribute donations to any blogger. Why should one risk such an underhanded sneak attack? Why should anyone use PayPal anymore, to donate to any blogger?

What would PayPal have to say about such behavior?

christmasghost said...

Hang in there guys....we are all with you!
How anyone can still be commenting or reading the HATE SITE LGF is beyond me. I guess morals aren't just their thing....

Anonymous said...

I posted my comments,"LGF is just a hollow shell of what it was back in it's hey-day of honest debate and Reaganite(sic?). I will not be reading there anymore..etc", from here over at LGF and it promptly got deleted and I was banned. Nowhere did I flame or insult yet for some reason Charles didn't want others to read my honest opinion of what the blog had become. Guess that confirms the Kos like track that blog is headed in...

jim treacher said...

Cato is irate-o
'Cause the wisdom that he lent us
Went not as planned
He was unmanned
And found non compos mentis

Anonymous said...

jim treacher said...

Ha. Dead on and funny as ever.

Anonymous said...

"and it promptly got deleted and I was banned."

And yet they will all swear that you said some horrible thing that violated his comment policy. What a joke, that policy. I've never seen such a hypocritical comment policy on any blog in my life.

Anonymous said...

PS: Everyone really should check out Meghan McCain's boobs on Jim Treachers site...

Serr8d said...

Ann Coulter owns Meghan's boobs if you ask me. )

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, LGF used to be quite useful but the comments were not infrequently racist or extreme.

It's understandable why someone like Johnson now has less 9/11 and more Bobby Jindal on his brain, but it's strange that Johnson now criticizes blogs for their comments.

Anonymous said...

I blame Bush!

Buck Fush!!!

Republicans should vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

LGF is the MSNBC of the blogosphere. Angry and obsolete.

I have added Jumping in Pools to my blogroll


Anonymous said...

LGF has become a vile cesspool run by a paranoid Dictator with miserable debating skills who has turned his once terrific blog into a veritable snooze fest.

Anonymous said...

Cato you grossly obese, misogynist, low life - you are 300lbs of shit stuffed into a 250lb bag.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Cato, guess none of your fellow lizards think it's worthwhile defending you. And you know something? For once I agree with them.

Someone who thinks mocking autistics, mentally retarded children and burning children is beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if bloggers are responsible for what their posters post, then what's Johnson's take on Kilgore Trout spamming Hot Air with the "N" word? Shouldn't he take responsibility for that?

What do you say, Cato?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cato. It is obvious that all Palin wants is POWER. If she were to be elected I am quite certain she would exercise it to take over 1/6 of the economy by force, threaten to have civilian brown shirts greater in number and better funded than our Army, propose involuntary servitude programs for our children, support would-be dictators for life in South America, threaten to bankrupt entire industries, give cover to messianic middle eastern governments so they can develop nuclear weapons while at the same time making us as dependent as possible on foreign energy supplies, fill her cabinet with radicals and engage in every petty corruption and misuse of power that so characterizes the politics in her native land of Chicago... um, I mean Alaska.

I mean, it is not like her political philosophy is one of allowing the greatest possible autonomy to the citizens of the country, and it is not like she ever took on corrupt politicians in her own party. She has the whole press corp ideologically aligned with her views and none of them would ever dare utter a word against her. Her lust for power is evident to all but the most blind. I bet she would even put a surcharge on every fossil fuel we use in support of her wacky and scientifically unsupportable religious beliefs!

And STUPID! Lord, do you want to talk about stupid? I bet she would not even know what a price to earnings ratio is or how many states there are in the union! The woman can't even speak without the aid of a teleprompter and has to have people write her own books for her. It is madness I tell you. Madness! And she would probably think that it is her job to tell us all how to inflate our tires or the proper way to cover our mouths when we cough like she is our mother or something.

And please, spare us the embarrassment of having such an ignorant hick in the Oval Office. I bet she would be historically illiterate enough to turn her back on the Poles on the very anniversary of their invasion by the Soviets. I bet she would be narcissistic enough to give copies of her speeches as gifts to foreign dignitaries so they can educate themselves. She is such a rube I bet she would choose tacky and fraudulent artworks to adorn the White House walls. Her idea of "smart diplomacy" would probably be to give big plastic "reset" buttons that look like they were bought at the discount aisle at Wal-Mart to the regime that was the greatest enemy of democracy in the 20th century, or to bow to a tyrannical Saudi King in some ignorant attempt at etiquette.

Yeah, we really dodged a bullet there didn't we! HA! Take that you right wing nut jobs!

Now will you see if Charles will give me my LGF account back? I really, really miss being told what to think.

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

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