Friday, October 30, 2009

Congressman McHugh & George Pataki.

With the endorsement of the last statewide elected Republican going to Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate for Congress in New York's 23rd special congressional election, all eyes are turning to Congressman John McHugh, the Republican who started this whole mess by accepting a position to become the next Secretary of the United States Army.

While the former Congressman, John McHugh is not the most Conservative Republican with only a 71% rating from the American Conservative Union, he was a damn fine Congressman for a good number of years. McHugh is pro-national defense, voted against the stimulus package, supported the "cap & tax" legislation, opposes the current Democrat health care plans in Congress, is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-second amendment, though he did support both versions of the "government bailout" last fall.

On the issues of national defense, the stimulus package, pro-life issues, the second amendment, traditional marriage, and opposition to the current Obamacare plans, he is more aligned with Doug Hoffman's campaign.

On the issues of "cap & tax" legislation, government bailouts, and aligning yourself with Moderate fractions of the Republican party, McHugh is more aligned with "Dede" Scozzafava.

Secretary McHugh, though a moderate overall, has more in common with Doug Hoffman's campaign then he does with the supposed Republican who was selected to replace him in Congress, especially on social issues, where McHugh is as Conservative as they come. Yet, with just four days to election day, McHugh has not made an endorsement in this race, an endorsement that could carry the recipient to victory.

George Pataki has come out on Hoffman's side, now it is up to the former Congressman, John McHugh to take a stand. Either stand with the candidate you agree with more, or with the candidate who you oppose more then you agree with.

John McHugh, from your record, social issues are very important to you, and only one candidate shares your beliefs in life and traditional marriage. That would be Doug Hoffman.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. McHugh is prohibited from making such endorsements per federal statute.

Editor said...

Perhaps no endorsement, however, I would expect him to lend support or atleast comment about the race.