Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 reasons to support Doug Hoffman for Congress in New York's 23rd congressional district.

Authors note : This is the final of a series of articles, of why the everyday voter & Conservative reader of this blog should support the Republican candidates during the 2009 elections. Check out our interview with the candidate.

Over the past several months, I have been blogging/following Doug Hoffman's campaign to replace Republican Congressman John McHugh in the House of Representatives. Located in the 23rd congressional district, Doug Hoffman is seeking elected office running as a Conservative, because the supposed elders of the party nominated a far-left radical Republican In Name Only as their candidate.

While I have spent this time blogging in support of Doug Hoffman's campaign, exposing why Scozzafava should not be supported, how Bill Owens is a dangerous Democrat, I have not spent much time on why Doug Hoffman should be elected to Congress. I apologize for my neglect in that matter.

So look no further, as the reasons are numerous, and the opposition is clueless.

  1. Doug Hoffman is the only candidate in this election who represents the true values of the Republican party, he has been involved with local Republican politics for decades, he will caucus with the Republican party, and will join the Republican Study Committee if elected. However, he is a Conservative who is true to his convictions, which is why he cannot support Scozzafava.
  2. Doug Hoffman is the only candidate with "fiscal bearings" in his platform. Hoffman opposes taxes of all kind, he has sworn off pork barrel spending, opposes Obama's stimulus package unlike his opponents, and Hoffman is the only candidate who stands against removing the secret ballot in unionization votes.
  3. Doug Hoffman believes in protecting the lives of those in their mothers womb. He is the only candidate who holds that conviction & respect for life.
  4. Doug Hoffman is not your typical congressional candidate or politician, because he is not a politician. If he losses this election, life will go on for Mr.Hoffman. He is not fixated on the elections of tomorrow, he is running on the dedication to solve the problems of today.
  5. Doug Hoffman is the only candidate who has absolutely no connections or ties to the criminal organization ACORN. Doug Hoffman opposes the radical & criminal views & positions ACORN strongly holds. Also, unlike his two opponents, Doug Hoffman has never received the backing of the ACORN associated "Working Families Party".

If the endorsements of former Senator Thompson, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former Governor Sarah Palin, Congressman Todd Tiahrt, the Club for Growth, or numerous other Right of Center elected officials & organization is not enough for you.

Consider this, we only have one candidate who believes in the principles of Ronald Reagan, that candidate would be Doug Hoffman.

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Snarky Basterd said...

I'll give you a 6th: RINO Newt is supporting Scozzafava.

KT said...

This should serve as a wake up call to Newt and his RINO cronies, whether Hoffman wins or not.

Scozzafava is a joke, and it offends me that the GOP has tried to pass this woman off as a Republican.

People are sick of the Democrat-Lites controlling our party.

Anonymous said...

What's the best pizza place in town?

NormaJ said...

Doug Hoffman should have undeniably been the Republican candidate. This election is so much larger that who wins this seat in NY. It is the first time the grass roots tea party patriots have made their voices heard in a way that sends a clear message to RINO's running the Republican party. The message is simple, either get behind the conservative base or get out of the way! Thank you Sarah Palin for being brave enough to endorse the obvious conservative choice!

Gary said...

It couldn't be more clear. Doug Hoffman is the common sense candidate.

That's really all it boils down to. Of course, he is right on all of the issues, but common sense is what we need in DC and Doug has common sense.

Belle said...

If you are a Republican or if you are a conservative, there is an old axiom that many feel is still true. "Vote for the most conservative candidate who can win". This makes a great deal of sense except in the 23rd district of New York where the Republican candidate is more liberal than the Democrat. This makes Doug Hoffman the clear choice. I used to like Newt until his position on this issue became known. I think he lost his "GOP compass" on this one. I have contributed to Mr. Hoffman's campaign. The support of Governor Palin will also help him considerably.

Luke said...

Conservatives are just dumb. End of story

Editor said...

We have the best candidate, Doug Hoffman, now we need to elect him to Congress. Which I am optimistic about.

varsity lakes said...

@Mr. K--- Doug Hoffman is really a good candidate from your side you all have to elect him.