Friday, October 30, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

Hello, all, Dr. Joe reporting. Don't touch me, I'm sterile! Anyway, I was relaxing on a gondola the other day, my man-servant Jacques pushing the boat, as I sipped on the sweat of an Olympic athlete mixed with the blood of a cougar. Of course, on my mind was those all-important babes! I was wracking my brain, trying to think of a woman who thinks she's pretty, but says she's ugly, even though she actually is ugly. Then it came to me.

This Week's Babe:
America Ferrera
Known far and wide for her television role as Ugly Betty, the show recently had her "transform" into a non-ugly person. How they missed the mark! No matter, Dr. Joe will still give you any prescription you want (including 2 Joes daily, to be taken ora... no I mean as a supposit...err, never mind).

With her trademark braces, flat hair, and ugly face, America Ferrera should never have shown her real face in public. You know, so people could fantasize that she really wasn't ugly, that it was all part of a show. A show I tell you!So take it from me gents, this babe is mine, ugly or not.

Joe's America Score: 9.0/10 Crappy TV Shows

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1 comment:

TFMo said...

Ever since this "Ugly Betty" thing started, I never really got that she was "ugly." Personally, I think she's cute.