Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bloggers bloc.

It is true faithful readers, I Mr.K, am suffering from bloggers bloc. I have no major exclusives, interviews with candidates for Congress, or even insightful opinions which I will send to R.S. McCain's co-blogger every ten seconds. I am not someone who can take the news which everyone else is writing about, link a few fellow Conservative sites, and receive linkings in return because I linked them. I know it breaks the rule of how to get a million hits on your blog, however, I want to earn linkings damn it!

Not to mention, I am not as motivated as....R.S. McCain, he has a wife and 6 kids to feed, I have a dog who sleeps all day on the couch. What am I to do?

So, until I get the groove back, I would suggest watching reruns of the hit television drama "Psych", browsing Doug Hoffman's campaign website - , visit R.S. McCain's joint, , and emailing R.S. McCain asking him to link Jumping in Pools all the time.....

Also, I would suggest leaving a comment in this post...something that will boost my morale, not to make me too happy or impressed with spiffy comments, however, something that is motivating at the very least.

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Aurelius said...

You're an integral part of the blog, Mr. K. I've been doing a lot of things behind the scenes recently, and your prodigiousness in writing article after article has been invaluable. Keep up the good work and we'll all succeed together!

smitty1e said...

When in doubt, read the Puffington Host and rail on some idiocy underway there. is another swell place to start.
Or, pick some literary classic and write a political parody.
LiveJournal has a Writer's Block question to get you going.

Editor said...

Keep up the good work. We've been doing well-- maybe you'll be a guest on Rush soon.

Joe C. said...

I guess the time has come for me to take over

Editor said...

Over my cold dead fingers..