Friday, October 30, 2009

Giuliani should run for U.S. Senate.

Earlier this week, it was announced that New York's Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, will run for the Democratic nomination for Governor next year, challenging fellow Democrat and current incumbent David Paterson. This could have a major role in whether or not former New York City Mayor and longtime Republican Rudy Giuliani will run for Governor as well, as most polls show Cuomo would win without much of a struggle.

While the discussion has been focused on Giuliani possibly running for Governor, that is shifting to Giuliani running for the United States Senate, against Kirsten Gillibrand, who has never faced the New York voting public as a whole, and has flipflopped on everything she has supposedly believed in over the past nine months in the Senate.

According to a poll released by the Siena Research Institute last week, if Giuliani we're to face off against Senator Gillibrand, he would have a near 20 point lead over the freshmen Democrat, While Giuliani has 85% of Republicans behind his possible campaign for Senate, Gillbrand could only muster 56% of her base behind her.

Giuliani - 53% of the vote, Gillbrand - 36% of the vote, 10% - unsure/unknown.

With New York state in utter shambles, it appears Cuomo would be able to retain the seat in Democrat hands, which is not exactly good news for residents of the state. However, it appears Giuliani could run and win if he challenged Gillibrand for the Senate seat next election.

While I do not agree with Giuliani on everything, I 100% support his possible campaign for Senator. Giuliani is excellent on economic policy, is good on the second amendment, is as pro-national security Republican you are going to find, and while his views on social issues are mixed, however, his impressive tenure as Mayor of New York City is well needed on a National scale.

Rudy Giuliani has the momentum to run for the United States Senate, Giuliani has the base support if he we're to run, and he could finally restore a Senator back into the United States Senate who happens to be a Republican and has some sanity, not to mention, help America with another non-Obama vote in the United States Senate.

I say Rudy Giuliani 2010! What say you?

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