Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama attacks United States Chamber of Commerce.

Obama's America - In the latest attempt to stifle business in arena of ideas, the White House is doing an end around in regards to the United States Chamber of Commerce, the largest pro-economic freedom & business organization in the Nation. Apparently, the White House is deciding to talk to businesses and owners instead of the Chamber itself, attempting to isolate the pro-business organization which is opposed to 99% of Obama's economic agenda, because it goes against economic freedom, free market principles, and common sense.

The United States Chamber of Commerce has become deeply involved in policy issues over the past several months, as the Obama administration is pushing a record number of anti-business measures in such a short period of time. The Chamber has launched an advertisement campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act, has demanded a "Scopes" like trial in regards to "global warming", and opposes the government takeover of health care which Democrats are pushing in the United States Congress.

The Obama administration is once again attacking those which disagree with them, attempting to isolate them (radical Chicago politics, anyone?), and dare challenge them on economics One on One, when the Chamber is the organization of free market economics. This continues the dangerous trend of Obama's America, one which attacks anyone who dare stand for the Capitalistic America of old, the Capitalistic America which has created the most successful & wealthy Nation on Earth.

While the Chamber of Commerce is a business advocacy organization, we should all advocate for the Chamber of Commerce, because they are the strongest pro-business organization left willing to fight the radical ways of Obama.

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That is under the administrations of Obama to focus on such deals.