Friday, October 23, 2009

Stop the third party talk.

Upstate New York is going through one of the most interesting elections in recent memory, as three candidates are all running to become the next Congressman to represent the 23rd congressional district, however, from that point forward things begin to unravel.

This is not your normal district, it has remained in Republican hands since the Civil war, this district is quite Conservative compared to other congressional districts in the state, and the cast of candidates is interesting at the least. We have a Republican who is running as a Conservative, we have a radical leftist running as a Republican, and we have a Independent liberal running as a Democrat.

Conservatives & Republicans across the Nation are rallying behind Conservative candidate for Congress, Doug Hoffman, as his campaign is the only true Conservative Republican one in this election, his campaign has momentum beyond what the other two could dream about, and his is about the future of the Republican party in general. This election is calling for the GOP to finally realize what wins elections, what is good for the Nation, and what kind of candidates we need.

We all understand the North East requires less then stellar candidates, however, candidates who have been endorsed by the ACORN associated "Working Families party", have one of the most anti-life resumes on record, and support Obama's stimulus (which House Republicans currently pride themselves on the fact all 178 of them opposed it), are not going to be embraced or even supported at times.

Why do you think former Senator Fred Thompson, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Governor Palin, among others have bolted to Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman? Because he is the true Republican in the election, he is the only candidate who holds true to the values of the Republican party.

For those who want this to be about a "third party" get over yourselves, this is about fixing the Republican party and electing Doug Hoffman to Congress. Conservatism is the Republican party, now we need the Republican party to be Conservatism in terms of the candidates they nominate.

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