Monday, May 3, 2010

Djou widens lead in Hawaii.

Charles Djou is the man of the hour in Hawaii. When his Republican campaign was launched to replace the resigning Congressman Abercrombie, victory depended on local Republicans uniting around his campaign, and on local Democrats splitting the vote between their two leading candidates.

According to a new poll from Hawaii: Charles Djou is leading the Hawaii special election with 36 percent of the vote, his Democratic counterparts combine their total margins for 50 percent of the vote, and he leads his closest Democratic opponent by eight percentage points. Charles Djou is close to becoming the first federal Republican Representative from Hawaii in two decades.

79% of Republican voters, 42% of Independent voters and 19% of Democratic voters are supporting Charles Djou through Hawaii's unique "mail-in-ballot" special election format. Leaving him with a stronger coalition than he could have ever imagined when his campaign was launched. Victory is almost here and I'm sure Mr.Djou can taste it.

I'll be following this election closely over the next two weeks, and I ask that all registered voters in Hawaii's First Congressional District mail back your ballot in support of Charles Djou, a man who will represent your issues and concerns, not Washington's.

Please support the Djou campaign!

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