Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Irate Muslims Threaten to Kill "Draw Mohammed Day" Group Creator on Facebook

Update: Facebook has removed the Everybody Draw Muhammad Day group. Apparently the threats worked and freedom of speech was a casualty. However, Facebook is leaving up the "Everybody Draw Holocaust" group and pictures of the Taliban's flag. Disgusting.

Update #2, 5/24/10: The group has come back online. According to the group's administrators, death threats caused the original creator of the group to shut it down. Now it is back and better than ever.

Update #3, June 10: Facebook has removed the group forever to appease Pakistan.

The so-called Draw Muhammad Day is coming in two short days, May 20th. A group on Facebook called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has grown to over 35,000 members. Proponents of the day say that it is an expression of Americans' First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Detractors say that it will possibly incite violence and may alienate Muslims who are not part of the "fringe."

With Draw Muhammad Day drawing closer, death threats have been leveled (warning, exceedingly bad language through link) against Dan McLeod, creator of the Facebook group that urges people to draw a picture of Islam's prophet. The threats are made in one of the group's discussion pages with the label "F*** that Person who Celebrate this Day" (edited for language and removed all-caps).

The discussion began with several people demanding to know who created the group and devolved into threats against his life like the ones underneath (explicit language):

andOther irate people even threatened to murder individual members of the group:

andThere were broad assertions bashing Britain, the United States, and the "West" as a whole:
Others even began to blame those who plan to draw the Prophet Muhammad as the instigators, while also blaming those who have been raped for wearing "shorts:"

This display of intolerance and hatred is disgusting. Despite your opinion on Draw Muhammad Day, violence should not come of it. Muslims who threaten the lives or well-being are only furthering the stereotype that those who follow Islam are violent heathens. There were people who did defend Draw Muhammad Day, however:

andThese people prove that Muslims that threaten violence against the innocent are in the minority in Islam. However, the fringe is load and constantly threatening violence.

So, is "Draw Muhammad Day" a good thing? I will not answer that definitively here, but clearly threatening to murder those who disagree with you is wrong.

Update- The group on Facebook has grown to over 70,000. That's a 100% increase in two days.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of kooks, getting so riled up over a picture.

Anonymous said...

Actually, putting two comments defending freedom of speech up against the many violent comments doesn't prove that the ones making the threats are in the minority. It only proves that there is more than one idea among Muslims.

I'm not saying that they are not the minority - only that those two comments don't prove it.

Schlippy said...

As Michelle aptly put it, 'No, YOU go to hell.' Islam is a disease upon the planet. You can say it's 'the fringe,' but such politically correct judgement would never be leveled against another religion (for instance and perhaps especially Christianity) if it produced this kind of terrorism, barbarism, intolerance and bigotry.

Keyboard Jockey said...

It's interesting that the threatening comments are poorly spelled. They appear to be using texting language. Are these nothing more than just teenagers threatening people? Are these really trolls who are not even Muslim looking for an excuse to tit late?

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the threats are coming out of some kid's parent's basements (trolling). The threats seem too scripted as if the jihadis have been given talking points. Nothing original, nothing specific explaining why they are offended (None of the threats look to be making a point about why one would be offended by the drawings. Nothing specific as to the teachings in the Koran that supposedly forbid physical depictions of Mohammad)....trolls wouldn't bother to do the research to make themselves more authentic...just sayin some of this has to be chalked up to "internet" behavior.

Keyboard Jockey said...

Another reason I think some of it is trolling is the profanity. I really don't think they would spew obscenities in the same sentence where they mention their prophet .... peace be upon him.

I'm not Muslim, the above is an example of how they refer to Mohammad. I am just trying to show how these threatening comments don't all appear to be legitimate.

Truly would a devout Muslim jihadi use obscenities in the same sentence about their prophet - whom they are offend someone would be drawing? Seems like swearing about Mohammad would be taboo too...if one were actually a Muslim.

If it is internet trolls it looks like they are trying to inflame and draw attention to Draw Mohammad Day...that's not surprising at all for troll behavior.

A.W. said...

Well, fyi, i am running my own everyone draw mohammed site, here: http://everyonedrawmohammed.blogspot.com/

And i am so proud, i got a death threat! lol

I even got one that oddly called me the n-word, which is kind of funny because I'm not black. I mean not at all. I mean if anything i am almost ginger (its true, we have no souls). And of course i didn't say a word to indicate my color.

Anonymous said...

Muhamad (MAY PISS BE UPON HIM)was a fool! I challenge those fools of the "religion of peace" (It should be called the CULT OF DEATH) to get me. As an NRA memebr, I welcome the fools!
This is America, not an islamic shithole.
email: elcastigador5@hotmail.com
Bring it on you islamic fools!

Anonymous said...

What a dumb article. Is there going to be a draw Jesus day?

Anonymous said...

Considering this was a response to the South Park censorship, the answer is 'yes'. South Park has Jesus as a recurring character. The difference is that Christians don't kill people for drawing a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

"is there going to be a draw Jesus day?"

Draw Jesus any time you'd like. He has been represented in western art for over 500 years but we Christians don't run around cursing the artists and screaming for their deaths. What people overlook is the fact that Islam is NOT a religious system, it is a POLITICAL system masquerading as a religion.

cannonball said...

I love this idea. radical muslims are mad about everything, lets pile it on and show the world how idiotic they are.


Anonymous said...

funny how the writers of those comments cannot string a sentence together without some sort of grammatical error. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Akhil Bharadwaj is a Hindu. What made you think he is a muslim? Atleast do a goggle search on family names man.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said the threats weren't real because of the cursing, have you not seen the video of the Muslims attacking the professor in Sweden? They curse worse than any sailor I've ever known.

Mohammed said...

WTF is this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Well as you know there are catholics and protestants in christanity.Protestant who try to follow the religion as they will.Certainly every muslim is not a good and pious person by faith.Some are good and pious,some
are relatively minor,burger kids etc.Some dont pray.But all muslims have a deep love for their prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) and by targeting him proves that all those who are against islam and peace are arousing 1.6 billion muslims around the world by doing this stupid deed and hurting masses or perhaps i would say terrorizing muslims.

and the comments i have seen are normal.even american kids and teens yell like that.Nothing abnormal.Just anger from petty teenagers.

I think freedom of speech should no be such that it causes sadness among billions of people.You are not doing any thing gud or serving public.YouR favorite weapon IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH(in this case).

Its my opinion freedom of speech is o.k but shouldnt include mocking faiths and i mean all the faiths as it does no good .

Anonymous said...

Well, I submitted my cartoon to weaselzippers only.....I didn't think about facebook. Gosh, golly, darn-it. Well, I expect that there will be another draw muhammad the satanic pedophile prophet day coming soon.
We are sick of islam hypocracy.
That muhammad dude was a complete jerk. And why any reasoning human can't see that is way beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Bye the by. I tried to post using my google account, but in this website, it NEVER works....so I have to post annonymously....bummer.

thineprof said...

Ok, I re-did google using a different email address. Lets see if this works.

MoooohamID said...

To my riled-up believers: get the f*** over it. Go back, take the satchel charges off the goats, and tend your f***ing herds, already. Enough childish nonsense. Let infidels draw me. So what? Do YOU make light of Jesus, Judism, and other religions? OF COURSE YOU DO.

You let some power-mad ragheads called Imams turn you into mindless suicide bombers in MY NAME? What in the f*** is the matter with you???

In case you haven't noticed it, boneheads, South Park makes fun of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. It's a freedom in the West that most of you secretly wish you had the freedom to do where you live. Tell the Imams to pound sand -- and is there ever plenty of it where I'm from -- and LIGHTEN UP.

I command you.

Anonymous said...

well as usual the death threats worked. Facebook pulled the page while it had approxomately 90.000 members.

Interestingly enough the "draw the holocaust" face book page remains up.

so it seems death threats really do work, and that makes me very sad. Free speech is in retreat, and there appears to be nothing we can do to stop it.

Unknown said...

I just want to ask one thing. Has there ever been a draw Jesus day, or Bhangwaan or Budha day. Why Mohammad? Why do somebody has to come up with such an idea in the first place? why do you do have to make fun of anybody's religion at all? Are there no other better things to do in life?

First, you do such a thing to upset muslims and then you call them being hyper sensitive? I ask how many time have muslims come up with such an idea of insulting or bullying and making fun of other religions?

This is nothing to do with freedom of speech. "Freedom of speech" make documentaries, write openly in news papers. Convey the facts in words, not by disrespecting someone's religion. This is Truly and Utterly "disgraceful"

I hope my message is clear and its nothing to fight about or threatening anyone. People who do all this, please think about doing something better and more productive in life rather than creating tension and chaos in the world.

Shereef said...

Well said Mahreen.
But I think I was more disappointed in the way people reacted. I really do hope that instead of responding with threats or profanity, that we give logical arguments as to why stuff like this shouldn't be done. It's one thing to say that 'I will die for my religion' but another to say that 'YOU will die for my religion'. No matter what we do, there are going to be millions of websites that go up similar to this facebook group just to start a fuss. If you react angrily or violently, they will get exactly what they want. They are just made to make people angry.

To all Muslims angry about this website and the subsequent websites that will probably follow: Be reasonable in your arguments and responses. Defend what you believe in but in a logical and coherent manner. Guard your tongue and control your anger. Think about what he would do. Think about the patience that he showed mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Well i am quite angry that people are being terrorise with death threats, cartoonists having their houses burnt, death threats are not acceptable in my estimation.

I think drawing mohamed day was a great idea, it shows a majority of people are not prepared to be intimidated my criminal lunartics... good for them.

and if muslims want to do tasteless pictures denying the holocaust... fair enough that is their right. I am very dissapointed that facebook gave way to the death threats and removed the draw mohamed page... i am trying to think of ways of putting it back up.

but even more dissapointed that having deleted one site facebook keep the muslims mock the holocaust page still up.

how is that for double standards. I

Anonymous said...

and why should it be wrong to mock faith?

that is ridiculous... so i should be prevented from saying scientologists are mad?

moonys are loonies?

wiches are fools?

of course not

christians have their faith moked continually and don't issue death threats.

when muslims blew up the beautiful statues of the buddha... how many buddhists issued death threats?.... none!
the problem is with Islam not buddhism or christianity

Islam should look at itself and stop issuing deaht threats.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the people who received death threats also. Why? Because I stood up for a woman who had her address and phone number posted over and over by a Muslim boy. He was calling for all the Muslims to call her.

I asked her about it and she said she did get some phone calls. The death threats were photographed by the police before the group was removed and I guess they turned them over to the FBI.

I was very frightened for her. Should anything happen to her, I and many others will come forward to testify against them. We all have copies of what was said.

This does not help to convince people that Islam is a religion of peace when these things happen.

They tell us not to judge an entire religion based on the actions of some. While I agree with that, I did not see one single comment that did not have profanity, "fatal warnings" as they put it, or outright threats of death.