Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Primary Interview Mash-up

Today, many Senate and Congressional primaries are taking place. For this occasion, here are all of the interviews Jumping in Pools has conducted with Senate and Congressional candidates still in the race (to my knowledge), organized chronologically:

Interview with Sue Lowden, running for Senate in Nevada

Interview with Fred Ramey, running for Senate in Arkansas

Interview with Chris Riggs, running in California's 44th District

Interview with Bob McConnell, running in Colorado's Third District

Interview with Pamela Gorman, running in Arizona's Third District

Interview with Andy Goss, running in Arizona's Eighth District

Interview with John Chachas, running for Senate in Nevada

Interview with Walter Woodland, running for Senate in Oregon

Interview with Skip Mercer, running for Senate in Washington

Interview with Charles Djou, running for Congress in Hawaii

Interview with Daniel McAndrew, running for Senate in Maryland

Interview with Kim Hendren, running for Senate in Arkansas

Interview with Michael Faulkner, running for Congress in New York

Interview with Rocky Raczkowski, running for Congress in Michigan

Interview with Kevin Calvey, running for Congress in Oklahoma

Interview with Tim Graney, running for Congress in Texas

Interview with Edward Lynch, running for Congress in Florida

Interview with Matthew Berry, running for Congress in Virginia

Interview with Isaac Hayes, running for Congress in Illinois

Interview with Paul Mitchell, running for Congress in Illinois

That's 20 interviews out of 16 states. Not bad, I say.

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