Tuesday, June 22, 2010

44% believe Obamacare will Likely Force them to Change Coverage

According to the most reliable polling group, Rasmussen, 44% of voters believe that the newly passed legislation over-hauling our nation's health care system will likely force them to change their coverage.  The majority (52%), also believe that the bill is bad for the nation.

However, the majority of those who already have health insurance are pleased with the service they are receiving.  In other words, those who like their insurance believe they will be forced to change it because of a bill they disapprove.

Polls in this Rasmussen report:

44% believe Obamacare will likely force them to change coverage
52% believe the bill is bad for America
80% rate their current health care as good or excellent
3% rate their health care as poor
55% are in favor of repealing Obamacare

Public sentiment is still clearly against the President's over-haul of our medical system and most people are pleased with the coverage they have.  I wonder if President Obama is listening...

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