Wednesday, June 23, 2010

46% Say Obama Handling of Oil Leak "Poor"

As the two month old oil crisis in the Gulf continues, the American people are growing more and more discontent with the way the President has handled it.  46% of Americans now believe that the President has done a "poor" job concerning the spill; this is up twelve points from just two weeks ago.

As opposed to the 46%, 33% believe that the President has done a good or excellent job with the crisis, a 13-point difference.


46% believe that the President is doing a poor job with the spill
33% believe that he is doing an good or excellent job
60% believe that offshore drilling should be allowed
67% believe that it is at least somewhat likely that this crisis could have been averted if the government did a better job inspecting

Expect this number to rise as the President continues to stumble and make promises he cannot achieve.

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