Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interview With Mike Cullen, the Author of "Whiny Little Bitch"

Jumping in Pools is proud to present interview number 97 in our ongoing series. Today we're interviewing Mike Cullen, author of the book Whiny Little Bitch: The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama, which I reviewed recently. Copies of the book are available through Quite Right Books-- pick up one for yourself and one as a gift today!

1. When and why did you decide to write Whiny Little Bitch?

I started in late 2009. It didn't begin as a book. Initially, I was just collecting instances of Obama's whining. When I would run across quotes of Obama blaming things on Bush, or talking about what he "inherited," I would cut and paste them into an Excel file. It started out as a small file.

I started adding other things to the file. Every time Obama assured us, "It's not about me," I would add it to the file. Every time he would tell an obvious lie I would add it to the file. The file eventually grew up into a book. It was "The Little Excel File that Could."

2. Why the title?

Once I knew it was going to be a book, I knew it needed a title. I was kicking around working titles like "Unqualified" or "Unpresidential", but nothing really grabbed me.

On the day after Obama's first State of the Union address, my wife and I were driving around town. The radio news played a clip from Obama's State of the Union speech, and my wife just sighed, "What a whiny little bitch." I was a bit startled, because my wife is a very nice person. It takes a lot of frustration for her to say something like that, even in the privacy of her car. I figured if she was that frustrated with this guy, then a lot of people were. The title stuck.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you feared?

I would have to say worse, but it's a qualified worse. All of the bad things we know about Obama were knowable before he was elected president. He had never held an executive position, either in business or in government. He was at various times petulant, vindictive, or thuggish. He was not a big fan of individual liberty, and he absolutely despised the private sector. We knew all of this before the election took place.

But after an election, you cool off. You take stock. You think, hey, maybe that was just the emotion of the election season. Maybe the guy won't be as bad as you feared. He has ended up being every bad thing I feared, with a few more things tossed on top.

4. What was your favorite part in writing the book?

Rediscovering some of the stupider things Obama said or did. Like telling people that your doctor would rather cut off your foot than treat your diabetes, because that way he can pocket an extra $50,000. Or the ridiculous gift exchange with Gordon Brown, where the British PM gives Obama an avalanche of historically significant gifts, and Obama gives Brown a box of DVDs.

5. Any favorites for 2012 yet?

I think Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2012. You can see the old Clinton loyalists, like Gergen and Carville, taking shots at Obama when they get the chance. I think she's getting the band back together. Beyond the obvious entertainment value of something like that, it has no effect on who I want to see in 2012.

I want Chris Christie to be my president, but 2012 is too soon. He's got a lot of work to finish in New Jersey. Paul Ryan is sharp. Bobby Jindal is excellent.

6. Any plans for future books?

There will be future books, but nothing has jumped out as the frontrunner for The Next Project. I'm also looking at publishing some other authors through Quite Right Books.

7. If our readers wanted to pick up a copy, how could they?

You can get it through our website ( Amazon's got it too. They've taken a bunch of pre-orders already.

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