Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poll: Republican LePage holds Lead in Maine Gubernatorial Race

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Paul LePage has a seven point lead on Democrat Libby Mitchell in Maine, a new poll has revealed.  This report reveals a major reversal of voter sympathies in Maine, as the blue state went overwhelmingly to President Obama just two years ago, giving him 17% more votes than Senator John McCain.  Even more, Maine has not seen a Republican governor in well over a decade.

Democrat Libby Mitchell is the President of the State Senate in Maine, which increases her name recognition.  Republican Paul LePage, in contrast, is the mayor of the city of Waterville.  However, LePage is known as "the most conservative Republican" that the GOP could have nominated, while Mitchell is known as "the most liberal;" the move away from her could reflect national trends.

Another advantage that LePage holds over Mitchell is the fact that Maine voters are leaning to the right on major issues.  53% of Maine voters favor the repeal of Obamacare, while 56% of voters are in favor of passing an immigration law in their state similar to Arizona's.  54% are in favor of new off-shore drilling and 51% of voters disapprove of the job that President Obama is doing.  With such factors, it will be difficult for a liberal to win the state.

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