Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arkansas supports Boozman 61-32%.

According to a new report from Rasmussen Reports, the most accurate polling firm in the business, Arkansas voters are behind Republican Congressman John Boozman by a 61-32% margin over Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln with just 4.5 months until election day. Not a surprise at all to anyone who has been paying attention.

Congressman Boozman is a through and through Conservative on almost every issue, and after twelve years of Blanche Lincoln and her 90% liberal voting record, Arkansas voters are sick and tired of supporting pseudo Conservative Democrats, and thus are beginning a complete political transformation to the Republican Party.

We need to win 10 Democrat controlled United States Senate seats in order to reclaim control of the Senate for the upcoming 112th United States Congress, and Mr.Boozman's campaign is 10% of what we need. Please keep an eye on the Senatorial races across our Nation, but don't even bother looking at Arkansas - it's in the Republican bag.

Boozman (R) - 61%.
Lincoln (D) - 32%.
Someone else - 4%.
Undecided - 3%.

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