Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will Matheson remain in Congress?

It's true that Utah Republicans voted out a fine US Senator because he wasn't "Conservative" enough for their taste buds, but could Utah Democrats really be on their way to voting out Congressman Jim Matheson because he's too "Conservative" for their taste buds?

The Utah Democratic Convention was close in late May: As Matheson received 55% of the vote, but Claudia Wright, a leftwing loon who has been endorsed by a former Green Party candidate for President, pulled off 45% of delegate votes, despite her too-far-too-left-for-Utah-voters-stances and positions.

According to a new poll from ksl.com in Salt Lake City: 52% of Utah Democrats support Matheson in today's Primary, but 33% of Utah Democrats also support Wright, with 15% of voters undecided as of June 18th. However, there is bad news for Matheson as well - 53% of Democrats in Matheson's district believe he's "not liberal enough" at the same time: Conflicting poll results.

So what's going to happen? Democrats were surprised when a Conservative State Legislator defeated Mollohan in West Virginia's 1st district Primary, but will Democrats in Utah really commit political suicide by replacing their one chance at victory in November, just for ideological purity?

I have no idea what Utah Democrats will be doing this afternoon and evening at the polls, but I would like to warn them at their own risk - just as Conservatives have failed in California time, and time again, Liberals will fail in Utah over, and over again.

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