Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angle Up by Seven

A new poll places Sharron Angle seven points ahead of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of all of the national pollsters. Nevada is part of the libertarian West, so Angle's non-statist arguments are helping her instead of hurting her such as Rand Paul in Kentucky. The poll results show Angle keeping up the lead even after her post-primary bounce was over. Not only this, but Reid is hovering around 40%-- a bad sign for an incumbent.

Angle (R): 48%
Reid (D): 41%
Other/und: 11%

Considering that this late in the game undecideds tend to break for the challenger, this is certainly bad news for Harry. If they break at the traditional 2/3-1/3 ratio, Angle will have about 55% to Reid's 45%. Barring any sort of scandal on Angle's part or a catastrophic debate, Reid's in big trouble.

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