Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Article: One “crisis” away from the end of online freedom?

Pamela Gorman, who is currently running for Congress in Arizona's Third District, sent this article to me and I feel obliged to share it with you, our loyal reader(s):

One “crisis” away from the end of online freedom?
By Pamela Gorman

When there’s a will, there’s a way…  It is something we all have heard, and something that should make us just a little concerned.  Why?  Because while this little statement is most often used to describe a determination to overcome life’s obstacle to reach greatness, it could also be used to describe the determination of those who have made it their very life’s purpose to see America topple.   Yes, folks, I am referring to terrorists.  And it would be wise for policy makers to recognize that we are not up against simply a set of competing ideas.

We are literally facing a religious commitment these people have to wiping our American way of life from the face of the planet.  They will just as gladly wipe YOU from the face of the planet, if you resist.  If you aren’t a spiritually committed person, this might be hard to relate to.  But, surely there is something in your life that is so paramount to your identity or your legacy, or both, that you consider it worth fighting for.  If not, I would like to take a moment to say that I am truly sorry for you.  But, I digress… 

The reason it is so vital to understand the enemy’s mind is because we have no hope of surviving their commitment to our destruction if we don’t.  The terrorists are organized, well funded, and yes, they are determined like nobody’s business.  Their focus is singular and the sacrifices they will make to see our destruction are without end.   This isn’t your grandpa’s enemy.  You can’t manage them with diplomacy and there is no value in trying to win them over.

This is why it is so frustrating to me that we have an administration and Congress that on one hand seems hell bent on taking away our freedoms to the extent that perhaps the terrorists will have nothing left to take, and on the other seems to suffer from such an incapacitating case of ego that they really think they can “manage” these murderers.  The latest misguided effort to make us “safe” is nothing short of an abomination for Constitutionalists like me.

Joe Lieberman and the rest of the Democrats in Washington have a new bright idea that they are pushing in the name of “national security” which is ridiculous, counter productive, and looks to have a frightening agenda all of its own.  I’m talking about the still little discussed “internet kill switch” legislation being hustled through Congress now while a nation is distracted with moronic public arguments about who loves or hates BP the most.

Make no mistake.  If this legislation manages to slide through, everything you thought about free speech can be forgotten.  This is because the legislation would give a president (yes, that would include our current megalomaniac president) the power to determine that the entire Internet needs to be shut down… Let that sink in.  I’ll wait... 

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