Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Independents Leaving Perry?

Some potentially disastrous news is coming out of Texas, where conservative Republican Rick Perry beat back a primary challenge from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson earlier this year. Now it looks like after a bump in the polls he's back down to even with his opponent. This poll is from PPP, which tends to be about accurate (though not as much as Rasmussen). The results are not what Perry wanted to hear.

Perry (R): 43%
White (D): 43%
Und: 14%

Among Independents:
White (D): 42%
Perry (R): 36%
Und/Other: 22%

Bill White is the former Mayor of Houston and has a lot of credibility with Independents. This seems to be damaging the two-term incumbent Perry, who staked his political survival on the conservative wing of the GOP.

There's 22% of independents who haven't chosen between the two. It's not unlikely that they'll break heavily for the newcomer White-- which could bury Perry's chances of a third term.

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