Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crist Leading by 11%

Saw this poll linked from HotAir.... According to a new Florida Chamber of Commerce ad current Governor and Senate hopeful is beating both Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek. This comes as word has leaked out that the Democrats may back Crist if someone other than Meek gets the nod in the primary.

Crist (I): 42%
Rubio (R): 31%
Meek (D): 14%

Of course, this leaves 15% of others/don't knows, which is a lot of ground for Crist to defend. What will be really interesting is if the Democratic establishment decides to back the moderate Crist to prevent a solid conservative like Rubio from getting the nod.

Also check out a poll about Obamacare.

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1 comment:

Dave B said...

There's no way Crist is going to win this election. I put absolutely no faith into these numbers. Did the elderly affected by Obamacare suddenly leave the state? Crist's newfound relationship with the Dems will propel him over Rubio after globs of oil hit the sands of Florida? Is Florida more liberal than Massachusetts and New Jersey? Nice Try. Rubio is going to win big.