Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kagan Emails Released; Contain Jewish Jokes and F-and S-Words

Warning, bad language

The Sunlight Foundation, an organization that prides itself in transparency, has released 2,799 emails sent by Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan from 1995-1999.  You yourself can go to a site that they've set up and wade through the almost-3,000 emails and see what Ms. Kagan wrote over ten years ago.

In the short time that I've spent perusing her emails, I've already come across "Jewish jokes," which just happen to not be contained any more.  Another where she uses the s-word:

and another where she uses the f-word.

In a normal email account, such words may be excusable.  As a public servant, however, saying "sh--" and "fu----" makes the government look bad.

Remember, these emails show mainly those sent from Kagan, so many things that she is referring to are tough or impossible to understand.  They have also been through a foundation, though reputable, that could have discarded some of the emails.  Further, this is only from 1995-1999, so obviously this isn't every email Ms. Kagan has ever sent.

I found Jewish jokes and very bad language.  What can you find?

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sbma44 said...

Thanks for pointing to the project. Let me assure you that we did our best to avoid omitting any emails, but the realities of parsing messy data into a usable database mean that some things may have been missed (I'd also note that there are closer to 5,000 emails -- we've organized them into ~3,000 conversation "threads"). If you'd like to compare or look for omissions, you can find a link to the source documents in the site's sidebar.

Aurelius said...

Thank you Tom, I will do that.