Friday, June 25, 2010

North Korea Demands $65 Trillion in Reparations

 Yes, I agree that this headline looks like a joke-- and for all I know Kim Jong-Il might actually see this as some sort of perverse joke. Instead, it's an actual demand from the PDRK for the cost of the Korean War and its aftermath.
The bill itemizes the demands, with $26.1 trillion sought for U.S. "atrocities", $13.7 trillion for sanctions and $16.7 trillion for property losses, a number of smaller claims makes up the difference.
Keep in mind that this is about four times larger than the entire GPD of the United States and is about the actual GDP of the entire planet.

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Reaganite Independent said...

Tell him to print it himself, all they need- they already crank-out a pretty decent US $50 bill

Alezend said...

Yeah sure will drop it in giant canisters on his palace, just go stand outside and wait to open it when it reaches the ground.