Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why the Left hates Glenn Beck.

Townhall Magazine recently published a "The 100 Americans The Left Hates Most" list, which included the usual suspects - Rush Limbaugh, President Bush, Michelle Malkin (who could really hate her), Ann Coulter (even I can't stand her sometimes), and Bill O'Reilly. But the numero uno of this list was Glenn Beck, which has shocked and even surprised some folks.

Begging the question - Why does the Left hate Beck?

Quite Simple: Glenn Beck is not a single format Conservative such as Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter, but he's also not a double format Conservative like Sean Hannity. Instead, Beck is an every format Libertarian, who uses Radio, Television, Old Media, New Media, and word-of-mouth to spread his message of Constitutionalism.

Rarely does a day go by when the Conservative Blogosphere hasn't posted something that was originally aired on Glenn Beck's television program. He might be only the third most listened to man on Radio, but his influence, teachings, and general attitude make him the Left's most Hated American.

Beck doesn't ramble on about the politics of the hour, he attempts to inform his 3 million viewers per night audience on our ideological enemies, and his informative program has led to a few Left-Of-Center maniacs being kicked out of the White House. Plus, while the word progressive was an acceptable term back in 2007, no-one will dare proclaim or use it during the current Beck Era of dominance.

Glenn Beck is not to be trusted or followed on every issue, as he does have an unusual lust for a conspiracy theory or two per week, but his program is to be respected, if only for the fact that he is the most hated man on the entire earth by our political counterparts.

Townhall's "The Top 10 Americans the Left Hates Most":

10. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

9. Fox News Talker Bill O'Reilly.

8. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

7. The Tea Party Patriots.

6. Blogger and Author Michelle Malkin.

5. Well Hated Columnist Ann Coulter.

4. President George W. Bush.

3. Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh.

2. Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

1. Radio Talk Show Host Glenn Beck.


Anonymous said...

He's the most hated because he has an agenda - to educate Americans, expose the Left for the evil they are and do, and restore American greatness and freedom. He's not just an observer or commentator, he's a major player. He's extremely dangerous and his 5 position points for conservatives are brilliant and to the point.

tadcf said...

Beck, like most right-wing talk show hosts, operates a re-education center--similar to those operated in North Korea. He rewrites history and political principles, and broadcasts them on his show. This is why liberals hate him--he's a generation machine for misinformation.

Alezend said...

He is totally and completely insane with almost no shred of respectability left in him.

S Benard said...

The left hates Beck because he tells the truth -- ABOUT THEM! But he tells about them IN THEIR OWN WORDS!
He thoroughly documents every word on his program. He reveals to the American People their agenda using their own writing, videos, and audio clips. They hate him because he has dragged the radicals out of the closet and is shining the light of day on what they themselves have said and done. He exposes their agenda and tyranny to America.
Anyone who values their freedom should be watching Glenn Beck's program EVERY SINGLE DAY!