Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bare Majority Say Obama Qualified; More Say Hillary Is

According to a new Rasmussen poll, public confidence in Barack Obama's very ability to serve as President of the United States has fallen dramatically. After booting the ball on the economy, the oil spill, and other recent events, just a bare majority believe that he is qualified to be president. This number has fallen under the number that voted for him in 2008.

Full Results: Qualified to be President

Hillary Clinton: 57%
Barack Obama: 51%
Mitt Romney: 49%
Newt Gingrich: 35%
Sarah Palin: 26%

This poll lands some bad news on the doorsteps of both Palin and Obama. Palin's numbers are far below what is necessary to raise in one electoral cycle. For Obama, if his number falls below 50% it's not unlikely that Hillary could challenge him in a Democratic primary.

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Editor said...

Clinton - she might be qualified, but that doesn't mean she's the right candidate.

Obama - he wasn't qualified to begin with, now the people are starting to figure that out. I guess better late than never.

Romney - he's qualified in two areas: Business and Governance.

Gingrich - this man knows how to compromise, govern, legislate and bicker.

Palin - she's more qualified than Obama ever will be, but resigning as Governor hurt her "perception" with the public.

Aurelius said...

This doesn't surprise me. Obama's number will fall even more as the nation continues to live under his blundering.

Anonymous said...

I guess the constant barrage on Sarah Palin has worked. She's shown that she governed well, she is a doer and not a talker. She's been willing to be point person on every issue and/or candidates before everyone else. That means she's got a lot of guts. She's been right on every issue and she did the right thing in Alaska. She put the state's needs ahead of her own. That means she has common sense and recognizes there's something bigger to worry about. She types twenty words on her Twitter and accomplishes more than she could as a beseiged governor. It's not surprising to see she's down in the polls. From what I've seen that brave little lady has had to fight, scratch, and claw for everything she's gotten and she's done it with integrity and grace. In the final analysis that may be the thing that makes her more qualified to be President than all the others in these trying times. Mitt and Newt are obviously great prospects and good men as well.

Anonymous said...

How would Gen. Russel Honore, Haley Barbour, Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrinch, Dick Gephardt and Bob Conley of North Carolina do if a poll is done. Those are my picks should any of these guys run for President. I can't think of any Democrat who ran a succesful business. But I will not vote for the owner of the Democratic Party - George Soros.