Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 Republicans decide to stand against Israel.

87 US Senators and 322 US Representatives have signed, sealed and delivered two separate letters in support of Israel to President Obama. The letters reaffirm the strong bonds between Israel and America, Congressional support of Israel's right to self defense, and it also calls on the President to veto any and all anti-Israel resolution's proposed in the UN.

The fact that 87% of the Senate, and close to 75% of the House support Israel is quite amazing, especially when there are groups within both political Parties that oppose Israel for one idiotic reason or another. Which brings up a disturbing topic from the letters - Republicans who were not signatories:

Senator Jim Bunning.
Senator Judd Gregg.
Rep. Charles Boustany.
Rep. Jimmy Duncan.
Rep. Darrell Issa.
Rep. Walter Jones.
Rep. Ron Paul.
Rep. Tom Petri.

I don't expect pro-Israel statements from Duncan, Jones, or Paul, but what's the problem with Bunning, Gregg, Boustany, Issa, and Petri?

I would like to ask that all American voters who support Israel: contact the above mentioned Republican Legislators, and give them hell over their anti-Israel stance. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Alliances are formed to be kept and honored, not broken.

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Aurelius said...

Israel rocks

Anonymous said...

Israel fucking sucks

Unknown said...

This listing is a good start, but which Democrats did not sign AND who in House and Senate did NOT vote for Iran sanctions? Anyone have a listing?


Alezend said...

Yeah whats Israel's problem anyway? Always defending itself not letting extremists get away with murdering innocent civilians and trying to kill all who do not support their dogma. Those bastards.