Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA 2K9 Review

Flagrant Foul

As a basketball fan, I've been looking for a good NBA game to sink my teeth into.  NBA 2K9 is not that game. With bad technical flaws and, at times, utterly broken gameplay, even the fluidity and good graphics in 2K9 can't save it from being a terrible title.

In a word, frustrating.  At best this game is adequate in the playability department.  At worst (which is most of the time) it is frustrating to the point of wanting to yell a few expletives and break the game in half (cough, cough).  The computer is able to morph through players a good ten times a game and passes go literally through players dozens of times per game.

On defense, your players are either omnipresent or utter morons.  Only masochists can enjoy the CPU rebounding with a 5'10" player in between three big men.  And expect the computer to shoot 60%+ every single game, no matter how well you defend.
Offense is another crap-shoot.  Sometimes it's okay.  Most of the time it is horrendous.  During a span in one game, my team missed 12 lay-ups in a row.  Not short shots, not Js, just mostly uncontested layups.  Meanwhile on the other end, the CPU was jacking up 3s and nailing them, even though most were well-covered.  At times like this I honestly wondered if the game had gone through beta testing.

Graphically Inclined

There is no denying that 2K9 looks good.  The player models are excellent as well, looking just like their real-life counterparts.
The game is very fluid as well, but this comes at a price.  The computer will, without a doubt and dozens of times a game, approach the free throw line and enter into an animation.  When this happens, they will go straight to the hoop and either dunk or perform a simple lay-up.  Defenders in the way?  Doesn't matter, they're going to be morphed through with ease.

Mode of Play

2K9 has several options of play, including the interesting Association mode.  This particular one is fun, but does contend with some odd computer decisions.  For example, I was unable to receive any players over 90, regardless of the number and qualities of picks I offered.  However, I was able to trade away an 86 overall back-up player for an 80 overall player and two first round picks.

It Comes Down to This

NBA 2K9 looks good and has interesting modes.  However, bad glitches and broken gameplay make the game utterly unsalvageable.

The Final Verdict-  A 5.25 out of 10: Bad

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