Sunday, June 27, 2010

I will watch Grown Ups'.

When Adam Sandler's latest Movie - "Grown Ups", is released on DVD and to DISH Cinema in a few months: I one hundred percent plan on purchasing it. Regardless of what the movie critics or Michael write about it. (Michael Avitabile, is the co-editor of this blog)


Because I'm a committed fan of Sandler's collective works of brilliance. Because I could care less about what those idiotic overpaid film critics write about this or that movie. And because I have seen the trailers, I have read what the audiences have written, and I believe it's close to impossible for a Sandler-Rock-Schneider movie to suck.

Michael - we agree on a lot of political things, but on this - you're just damn wrong, and until I see the movie and watch it for myself, I have absolutely no problem with calling you wrong on this movie.

Also, I would watch this in a Movie Theater; but I really hate them, and hearing some dude and chick making out........just ruins it for me; get a damn room you sickos!

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Michael said...

Just be careful. I don't want you to go insane from how terrible it is.

Alezend said...

Man Adam Sandler didn't just fall, he splattered his face across sidewalk.