Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry West Virginia Republicans - NO Special Election.

West Virginia Republicans must be pissed.

Bad news from West Virginia: the Governor will not declare the vacant Senate seat vacant until next week, thus avoiding a special Senatorial election, and leaving the people of West Virginia with an hand picked successor for at least two years.

The Governor is well within his right to stall a special election, according to how state law is written in West Virginia, but his decision is without a doubt motivated by politics. It is what the Governor of Massachusetts would have done, if it wasn't for that "Republicans must be kept out of office" law that passed in 2004.

Imagine if the Seat of Robert Byrd fell into Republican hands.

Chaos would ensue across the Nation.

Republicans have a chance of capturing West Virginia's 1st congressional district, something that hasn't happened since the late 1960's. Do you really think they (they being the Democrats) want to take an electoral chance in the State that Obama lost by over 13% in 2008.

Not only no, but Hell No.

The Governor of West Virginia is a political scumbag. I guess we now have to wait and see who the Governor appoints to represent the serfs in West Virginia. Feudal. Law. Reigns.

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