Thursday, June 24, 2010

John Wall Picked #1 in NBA Draft, Turner Second

John Wall of Kentuky was picked number one in the NBA draft this evening by the Washington Wizards.
Ohio State's Evan Turner was chosen second by the Indiana Pacers.

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Editor said...

Does anyone actually watch the NBA Draft, or at the least the NBA? I don't mind a good weekend or even month of NCAA basketball, but the NBA? It's more fake than WWE RAW!

Aurelius said...

What? I agree the draft is boring, but I don't think the NBA is faked.

Editor said...

It feels fake. Always the same damn teams in the Finals. Always the same damn players kicking ass and taking names. Always so damn boring.

College Basketball is unpredictable and enjoyable, unlike the NBA, which I contend feels "faked".