Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why I'm joining the US Navy - Part 1.

I plan on enlisting in the US Navy sometime this Fall.

My whole Family has backed my decision to enlist 100%; as have most of my friends and members of the Young Republicans Club that I helped to found, though I must admit that non-relatives question why I'm joining more than relatives, thus the reason I'm writing this two-part series of articles.

Let me start with the reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with me enlisting in the US Navy this Fall:

1. College Benefits - I am not joining the US Navy for College Benefits, and even if I ever do decide to enroll in any college in the future (doubt it), I will never accept a dime from the Navy. I'm in this to serve, not to milk.

2. Boredom - I am not joining the US Navy because I lead a boring life, or because I'm a lush, or because I have nothing better to do with my life. But I am rather pleased that I do not have a job to hinder me from serving in the Military.

3. Chicks - Unlike some about my age, I'm not a shallow person who obsesses over chicks and sex. Serving your Nation should have absolutely nothing to with impressing or sleeping with the opposite sex. Infact - I believe women* in the Military are a distraction to the 90% of Armed Forces who are men.

Moving on with the reasoning behind why I'm not enlisting in the other branches of the Armed Forces:

1. National Guard - I hate everything about the National Guard in relation to their "service". I believe in serving your Nation full time, and not just on the weekends, or when there's a violent ice storm 50 miles away.

2. Reserves - Everything I wrote in reason (1), with the exception of violent ice storms.

3. Air Force - I'm not a mechanic. I don't want to fly, and I prefer to actually do something in service for America, besides for flying in circle, after circle, after circle - waiting for an order to bomb a cave.

4. Army - I admire the Army, but it's just not for me.

5. Marines - I believe with all my heart that the Marines are the best of the best in our Armed Forces, no questions asked. Which is why I will not be enlisting with them; I know that I'm not Marine material, and there's no point of trying - the truth is the truth.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Why I'm joining the US Navy, which should be published tomorrow.

* - Plus, allowing men and women to live and sleep with one another in tight Ship and Submarine quarters is just asking for trouble - if you ask for my humble opinion.

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conservative generation said...

How about Coast Guard? I'd always wished that I'd enlisted in the Coast Guard.

Editor said...

I forgot about them. I don't really consider them apart of the "Armed Forces", I place them at the same level as the Border Patrol - Domestic Forces.

E_D_Casabonne said...

Mr. K,

As a veteran of the U.S Army, I am thankful for those who decide to take the oath and the ultimate sacrifice that goes with it. I know that you will do great in the Navy and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

That being said, I just want you to know that the experience you will have is going to be both life-changing and difficult. Just don't give up no matter how hard it seems. In the Army, our Drill Sergeants always said "Drive on, soldier!"

Keep focused and do what you're told by your instructor and you will be fine. If you need any information on the services in general and the training,w you can always talk to me, either by email or otherwise. Good luck soldier!


Elijah Duane Casabonne

U.S Army Combat Medic,
Foxtrot 232 Medical Battalion

Editor said...

HOOAH! to you too Eli. If I ever need any help with adjusting to military life, I'll give y'all a phone call.

See ya at the next YR meeting.

E_D_Casabonne said...

Mr. K,

I would also like to note in relation to your description of why you are not joing the National Guard that you are slightly mislead on that fact. The truth of the matter is that National Guard soldiers get sent overseas as much if not even more than reserves or regular Army. That is a fact. i should know because about 150 of my national guard friends are overseas from my training unit of 400. (200 regular, 150 national guard, 50 reserve) And I was national guard myself. Just clearing that up for you.

Editor said...

That's right-- Mr. K should go to college and go through the ROTC program to provide an officer like we so badly need.

Editor said...

Eli - I don't deny the National Guard the respect they deserve, but their called weekend warriors for a reason.

Matt - Than you enlist!

SquidGrunt said...

Mr. K,
I would like to say something about your decision. Well done sir, well done. You sound like the type of person America needs. And I mean that with all sincerity. Bravo Zulu!

But I do need to say something in regards to your comments about the National Guard. First, I have served in both the Navy (9 years) and am currently in the NG. The National Guard deploys as much as the active Army. In fact in 2006 the percentage of Active Army vs. Reserves vs NG in Iraq? 20% active, 20% reservers 60% NG. I have been to Iraq twice, 18 months (2006/2007), then 12 months (2009/2010). The National Guard is being called on to be another point of force in the war. And I am a "part time" person. If you are ever in Iraq or AFG, you will notice that the NG folks carry themselves with the utmost professionalism. Their part time "service" that you despise outshines many (but definately by no means all) full time folks. These brothers you bemoan will be there shoulder to shoulder with you. Word of advice: Don't piss in your own foxhole.
Oh and one more thing, once you join, you are just a slimey wog. Not sure what I am talking about??? Ask a Shellback.


Unknown said...

Mr K - You have made the right choice, the Navy is the place to be and "IT Is An Adventure" all the way from bootcamp to land/sea assignmenmts. I am a 22 years USN Veteran, 4 years active, 18 years Reserves) I certainly enjoyed my time and would definitely do it again. Bootcamp may seem tough at the beginning but it made a man out of me and before you know it, you are graduating. You will have a great time, enjoy it while you can. It will be an experience you will ,long remember.