Monday, June 21, 2010

Tim Scott vs. Paul Thurmond - who to support?

The Republican voters of South Carolina's 1st congressional district must be pleased as punch with both of their candidates seeking the Nomination in a run-off election tomorrow; as both Tim Scott and Paul Thurmond are dedicated Conservative politicians, who will not betray our party or movement once in Congress.

However, Republicans will have to deal with the nationwide reaction to whomever they select to represent our party in November, because Paul Thurmond's father was a well known racist and segregationist in the US Senate, and Tim Scott is the first Black Republican to be elected into the South Carolina Legislature in one hundred years.

Calls of racism could erupt regardless of whom the voters select, even though race has not been mentioned once during the entire electoral process (up to now that is).

Why would racism erupt if Scott wins? Well, the media could paint a picture of Republicans only voting for Scott, because Thurmond's father was a racist, and thus selected a black man for fear of being labeled as racists. And what about if Thurmond wins? I can see the headline already: GOP selects son of White segregationist over Black Republican opponent.

End result: South Carolina Republicans will lose the media battle/war over tomorrow's run-off election, despite the fact the eventual GOP Nominee (whether it be Scott or Thurmond) will win in November, regardless of race, due to the district being a Republican stronghold.

So who should Republicans support in South Carolina?

The best candidate, based on the issues, based on November, but not based on media perception, or race. The choice will not be simple, because both candidates are thorough Conservatives dedicated to liberty.

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