Friday, June 25, 2010

Petraeus 2016?

General Petraeus has been a topic of discussion in the news as of late, due to him being appointed by President Obama to further lead our Troops into Afghanistan, after General McChrystal's interview with Rolling Stone led to him being fired earlier this week.

Conservatives, Centrists, and (some) Liberals alike are pleased as punch with this appointment, as General Petraeus has a successful record of combating our Islamic-Terrorists enemies abroad and in the Middle East (especially), and he's a man who will demand results if necessary.

But what impact, if any, will this appointment have on the General and a perspective future run for the White House - if he ever felt the desire to further serve his Nation, and thus decided to pursue the Republican Nomination?

One: Petraeus 2012 is 100% officially out of the question. Petraeus is an honorable man, and I do not believe we'll see him return to American shorelines until we achieve victory in the Afghan theater. Period.

Two: If the General can once again lead our Troops into uncertain battlefield conditions, and he can once again lead our Nation in another comeback-from-behind Military victory, I can almost guarantee Petraeus will enjoy Dwight Eisenhower levels of praise.

Three: Unless the Republican base is 100% united for our eventual Nominee against President Barack Obama (seemingly more and more improbable) in 2012, we will not win. So when the GOP selects a Nominee in 2016, after a fractured process in 2012, who better to unite the GOP than the General we all respect.

If the above mentioned circumstances take place, General David Petraeus could very well be the Republican Party's 2016 Presidential Nominee; just as Dwight Eisenhower was in 1952 against a Illinois socialist (only this time a Republican General would be replacing an Illinois socialist who happens to be President).

What say you?

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