Tuesday, June 22, 2010

South Carolina Republican Primary Results.

Authors' note - Red stands for the winner, Blue stands for the loser.

What an amazing night to be a Conservative Republican in South Carolina:

Gubernatorial Primary - 41 of 46 counties reporting.

Nikki Haley - 212,715 - 64.64%
Gresham Barrett - 116,353 - 35.36%.

1st District House Primary - 5 of 5 counties reporting.

Tim Scott - 46,885 - 68.35%.
Paul Thurmond - 21,706 - 31.65%.

3rd District House Primary - 10 of 10 counties reporting.

Jeff Duncan - 37,300 - 51.50% of the vote.
Richard Cash - 35,129 - 48.50% of the vote.

4th District House Primary - 3 of 4 counties reporting.

Trey Gowdy - 31,110 - 63.97% of the vote.
Rep. Bob Inglis - 17,519 - 36.03% of the vote.

Nikki Haley is on her way to becoming the first female Indian-(from India)-American Governor in United States history, as well as South Carolina's first female Governor in history. And Black Republican Tim Scott defeated the son of a well known segregationist this evening, and is expected to become the first Black Republican Congressman since JC Watts in 2002.

The above mentioned victors are only the first to be announced this evening, however, both represent a new brand of Republicans in the United States; a brand that should be watched with great attention over the next several years.

Also: If Inglis is defeated, he'll become only the second US Congressmen to be kicked out of the House of Representatives this electoral cycle, and just the first Republican.

Update: Representative Bob Inglis has been defeated in his Primary against Trey Gowdy, and becomes only the second US Congressman to be defeated this electoral cycle; the first to be an elected Republican - Conservatism is on the rise my friends, in all Parties.

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Editor said...

Good for Haley.

RightKlik said...

Very pleased to hear about Haley!

Cheat codes said...

My hands are sore from applauding. I'm mailing him a thank you note in the morning along with a check to help defray the cost of his next campaign...

Cheat codes said...

My thoughts are he either threw a fit and was put in a psych ward or he went on a drunk. Either way, I believe he threw a tantrum..