Monday, June 21, 2010

Van der Sloot: "I was Tricked"

Joran van der Sloot, the confessed murderer of Stephany Flores in Peru, now says that he "was tricked" into admitting the murder of Ms. Flores.  A paper called De Telegraaf quotes him as saying, "I was very scared and confused during the interrogations and wanted to get away.  In my blind panic, I signed everything, but didn't even know what it said."

Considering how many 'tricks' Van der Sloot pulled to wriggle out of the Natalee Holloway conviction, this is clearly more of the same from him.  Almost immediately after he was arrested he confessed to murdering Ms. Flores; even if you're panicking, you don't sign your own death warrant.

But the most damning of Van der Sloot's faux retraction is this quote about how and why he was tricked:  "I'll explain later how it all happened."  Let me translate that for you: "I haven't thought up a good alibi yet, so give me some time."
Lock him up and throw away the key.

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1 comment:

Alezend said...

tricked into thinking he got away possible, tricked into thinking it was ok to kill women unlikely, tricked in to confessing to killing women not a chance in hell