Monday, June 28, 2010

South Carolina Gubernatorial Race: Haley (R) with Commanding Lead

Republican Nikki Haley, who recently won the GOP primary in South Carolina, has a double digit lead over her Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen.  Haley was able to defeat Congressman Gresham Barrett for the Republican nomination, after Barrett ran a smear campaign and even referred to the Indian-American Haley as a "raghead."
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1 comment:

Fenway_Nation said...

In all fairness, I think it was another state representative- Jake Knotts/Knotthead- who wasn't even running for governor that called Haley (and 0bama) a 'raghead' on an internet broadcast.

Reportedly Knotts was a supporter of Lt. Gov. Bauer, not Gresham Barrett. However, Bauer didn't even make it past the primaries.

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