Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freedom to Criticize.

When I hear the terms "political correctness", "safe speech", and "restricted speech" - my blood crawls with discomfort and I am overwhelmed with urges to launch into an "obscenity speech" to anyone that will listen. All of the above mentioned terms are in violation of Freedom of Speech, but I'm also detecting trends that are in violation of Freedom to Criticize.

Freedom to Criticize? Some might ask when reading this article. It's rather simple: Most people, whether they be in America or Europe, believe in Freedom of Speech, but they have a problem with the Freedom to Criticize; such as citizens who protest out of control spending, experts and activists who protest Islamists, and so on.

And even more people have a problem with the Freedom to Criticize Religion (or should I say the Islamic Religion). As an opinionated Christian, I dislike several Christian denominations, I dislike several "Cultish Christian Religions", and I'm opposed to any Religion that is not of my Christian or of the Jewish faith (Islam, Hindu, etc. etc.).

I have the Freedom to Criticize those Religions and denominations of which I'm opposed to, such as the supposed "religion of peace", Islam, or even the Catholic denomination. But at the exact same time, those who disagree with my religious preference (Born Again, non-denominational) have a right, or should I say a Freedom, to criticize my beliefs as well.

However, the Freedom to Criticize is being prohibited across the entire Western World: Pastors cannot criticize homosexuals or read the Bible in several Nations, individuals such as Ms.Geller of Atlas Shrugs are attacked for standing against Radical Jihad, and writers - like Mark Steyn, are brought before sham "speech tribunals" for exposing Islam as an oppressive religion.

There's a bigger Fight than socialism at hand; there's a fight for our most cherished Freedoms, and we must fight like hell before the Freedom to Criticize is lost for all time in the Western World, and especially in the United States.

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