Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check Out the Obamadome

George Bush is so stupid....

Sarah Palin's daughter....

John McCain is so old...

Tired of the same hackneyed, poorly thought out left-wing garbage falsely labeled humor? Tired of everyone in showbusiness and the Daily Show talking down to you because you don't find their "jokes" hilarious? Tired of the death of comedy that tragically occurred among so-called comedians over the last eight years?

Let's forget all of that and turn to a conservative take on things. Since you're here, you probably like satire. And if you like satire, I wholeheartedly urge you to visit the Obamadome.

With videos of the President as a soft, felt model (realistic to his soft-left approach to everything) the site shows you what's on his mind in their own satirical manner.

Interested to see what happens when Obama pardons a terrorist? Or what about his plan to save the country from eight years of Bush-genocide policies? I'm sure that you were all concerned about rampant rumors that the President was actually a superhero...

So take a minute and visit the Obamadome... see what's on the President's mind while taking in a good dose of healthy satire. Real satire, not just bullcrap that comes out of Hollywood.


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