Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Americans are Civic dropouts.

I personally believe that the schools of America are no longer institutions which will teach American history as it should be, it appears that non-important education is being put before the education of the Nation of which we live in. American history should be the subject which is taught the most to the students of the classroom, whether or not the students like it, because this is America. If you cannot pass American history or civics, have you really received a good education?

The Inter Collegiate Studies Institute American Civic Literacy Program agrees with my above opinion, based on a large study of over 2,500 Americans, on "knowledge of America's founding principles and texts, core history, and enduring institutions", of how much American citizens really know about their Nations civics & history. Before I dive into the disturbing results from the study, I just want to remind people about the Conservative documentary "Indoctrinate U", which showcased how biased the colleges of America really are.

The documentary features Conservatives who have been attacked in one way or another for their beliefs, the blatant anti-Military sentiment that thrives in the college supposed market of ideas, how professors are by unreasonable amounts slanted to the left-wing of the political spectrum, and the full blown hostility towards Conservative guest speakers (if you look up the head of the Minute Men project visiting Columbia university, compared to when the dictator or Iran visited that same university, the comparison is breath taking). The documentary pretty much calls for a new revolution of ideas into the colleges of America, because the current system is not working.

Back to the Inter Collegiate Studies survey.

Out of 2,508 random American citizens, if the results are a litmus test on the knowledge of American history & politics, we are in deep trouble as a supposed "educated" society.

A (90-100) - only 21 Americans earned an "A" score during the survey, or 0.8% overall.

B (80-89.9) - only 166 Americans earned an "B" score during the survey, or 2.6% overall.

C (70-79.9) - only 185 Americans earned an "C" score during the survey, or 7.4% overall.

D (60-69.9) - only 445 Americans earned an "D" score during the survey, or 17.8% overall.

F (59.9% or below) - a staggering 1,781 earned an "F" score during the survey, or 71.4% overall.

Over 70% of Americans cannot even break the 60% barrier on American history & civic literature, that is just heart breaking for a Nation so rich in history.

How can we solve the problem?

I believe we need to take a three step plan of action :

1.We need to make American History a required course for all students to pass high school, not "global history", not an elective course, a mandatory course.

2.American history needs to be taught as what occurred, not what teachers or "textbooks" think or believe occurred, the American Revolution should be taught as the American Revolution, nothing else.

3.The American classroom in general should be a place of teaching what is suppose to be taught, there is a time for debate in the classroom, there is a place for politics in the classroom, however, the cold hard facts should be what is taught first and foremost.

For the sake of being a good researcher, I took the online edition of the civics test, I scored a 81.82%, so I am among the smartest 3.4% of Americans, I would suggest everyone take the test at the Inter Collegiate Studies Institute website.

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