Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congressman King : GOP must back Congressman Joe Wilson.

Congressman Steve King, Republican from Iowa, is urging fellow Congressional Republicans to stand with Congressman Joe Wilson, instead of joining the Democrats in demanding an apology. As Congressman King puts it, "It also points out that President Obama accused “prominent politicians” of lying in the sentence just prior to Joe’s outburst.", right on Congressman.

There have been numerous moments during the 2009 legislative session, which has asked the Republican party to define themselves not only to their own political party, but to the voters of America. This is one of those moments, will the GOP stand with a fellow Congressman who called the President out on a pure lie, or will they join the Democrats and pressure him into submission.
Congressman Wilson is a man of deep convictions, we must as Republicans, as Americans, support Congressman Joe Wilson, because we not only need to defend our own, before we can attack the left, but we need to stand for Conservatism & our Republican values.

Not only because Conservatism & Conservative Republicans need to be stood up for, but because Congressman Wilson was 100% correct, and let us remember Obama called Conservatives & Republicans alike liars just a few sentences earlier, so I couldn't give a damn if Congressman Wilson or anyone else called out Obama in Congress.

Congressman Steve King to GOP : must back Congressman Wilson -

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