Saturday, September 5, 2009



I have been contemplating who the best heroes for Strength, Agility, and Intelligence are. Of course some heroes will beat others by the actual builds, but im looking for more of a hero advantage due to abilities. For example, almost no heroes can match troll and voids perma bash. No hero can match the amount of hp Centaur can have with 4 hearts. Nobody can match the armor of Dragon Knight. No hero can match the disable of Rhasta and Lion. These are all calculated into teamwork of the game. What would be the best team in dota... well i think i have an idea. I would have to say the best teams in dota would consist of a ration 2:2:1 str agi int.

That is why Centuar, Rooftrellen, Pantom Assasin, Troll, and Lion would be able to outmatch just about any team with the right teamwork. A team like this could control almost any battle thanks to group disable of cent roof and lion while pa and troll do the dps. It is very arguable about the best teams and of course it is really the players that make the team. There are of course amazing heroes that solo like sylla bear. This hero is almost unkillable one on one because he can get a basher on him and his bear to make it easy to perma bash even if the hero is bashing him or his bear he can still take control. Not only this but his bear and him combine for a lot of hp. There are so many combinations of teams and that is what makes this game map so balanced.

My Favorite hero to play is of course pudge though... i like fun heroes.

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