Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good candidate for GOP in 21st congressional district.

The 21st congressional district in Upstate New York, where I happily reside, is an oddity to the three degree of politics, as even though the district is dominated by the Democrat party to a certain degree, if the right Republican we're to challenge Paul Tonko, an out of control liberal hack of Obama, the Republican candidate could come close to defeating Tonko, a one term Congressman, who is far more liberal then the previous two Democrats who represented this district.

The 21st congressional district is Conservative by nature, not to mention a strong focus on Independents in this district could also sway the district to the Republican, not to mention if the Republican candidate could actually rally heavy GOP turnout for the election, it would be a very interesting election indeed.

With 14 months to election day 2010, who on earth could the Republicans put up to face the ultra-liberal Pauln Tonko, who has supported every one of Obama's proposals, and is a universal healthcare nutjob. During the 2008 election Jim Burhmaster received a higher percentage of the vote, then any Republican has in this district for years upon years, he could run again, however, voters might be interested in a fresh candidate.

That is why I would like to propose that if the Republican candidate for Mayor in Albany, fails to win, that Nathan Lebron should look into running for the Congressional seat. As reported by those inside the campaign, Lebron is doing a good job reaching out to all matter what party they belong to, Lebron is a good Republican with Conservatism mixed in his blood, and would be a strong candidate against Tonko.

Can anyone really come up with a better candidate? I can come up with dozens from the GOP leaning county which I reside in, however, this guy as a thirst to make a difference, and we could really use a different representative in the 21st congressional district.

Lebron for Congress 2010!

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