Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good morning Mr.Wilson.

Congressman Joe Wilson, Republican Congressman from South Carolina, is becoming the talk of the town, both live & viral I must add. During last nights Joint Session of Congress, Obama claimed that illegals will not be covered in this plan, which is a complete fallacy, obviously Congressman Wilson was so frustrated by the lies, he yelled out "You lie!".

I could call it the lie heard around the world. That would just be immature.

Though there has been considerable backlash from around the Conservative world, I particularly believe it was in poor taste to yell this in the halls of Congress, anywhere else would have been fine with me, there has also been a feeling is justified pride in what Congressman Wilson did last night. Think about, the American people have been lied to constantly during this health care debate by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and almost all other Democrat hacks.

We have seen the frustration across Town Hall's across the United States, we have seen the anger at Tea Parties across the Nation, we have heard the outrage on cable television & radio shows. Is it so unreasonable for a United States Congressman to also be frustrated, angry, and outraged over the lies & proposals which Obama is pushing? I think not.

While Congressman Wilson might be spanked by the likes of Senator McCain, I in uncertain terms believe this man to be acting on his emotions, and his emotions tell a definite story about this man. He is a passionate Conservative, should we punish him for that? Its not like he bit off another human beings finger, like some radical nutroot did.

In conclusion, good morning Mr.Wilson, while you have possibly ignited the Conservative movement even more against Obamacare (I see this rallying Conservatives even more then ever), you are about to endure nothing short of pure hell in Washington D.C. I sure hope good sir, that you can withstand it, and come out atop. We need more passion likes yours sir, just next time, don't do it in Congress.......

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Lisa said...

I still can't believe that he did that.

Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson made a mistake. He let his frustration and anger get the best of him.

That said, he was right, he spoke the truth. He apologized for picking the wrong place to voice his opinion, and he was correct in his apology.

I think every thinking person (that leaves out Obama supporters) should send Joe Wilson a contribution. I sent one yesterday morning using this address:

I am not affiliated with the Wilson campaign, but just a resident of Los Angeles, CA, stuck with the biggest SOB for a congressman (Waxman) who cannot be defeated. At least I can help someone I like stay in congress!