Friday, September 4, 2009

Honduras - a lone fighter in a wilderness of cowards.

Over the past several months, I have extensively covered what has occurred in the Latin American Nation of Honduras, as a wannabe dictator was attempting to hold an illegal vote on extending term limits, and he also fired an military officer, when he had no authority to. When the Supreme Court had no other options left, they followed a paragraph in the Honduras Constitution which allows for an official to be kicked out of the government, if he violates the Constitution. Thus, the dictator was kicked out, the next in line took over, the process was smooth, and the citizens of Honduras we're pleased.

For once, a Nation south of the American border, has actually followed their Constitution to a key, has stood for freedom, has stood for their Constitution, has stood for their Republican, for their Democracy....they stood against a dictatorship, unlike folks in other South American & Latin American Nations.

What is the world wide response to this brave standing of liberty?

World condemnation.

From the United Nations, from the European Union, from the Organization of American States, to the United States of America. Not one Nation has stood up for them. Not one Nation has stood up for the freedom Honduras has fought for. Not one Nation has praised the action of Honduras, which they needed to do to secure the blessings of liberty & freedom.

As far as I can tell, the only elected official in the United States who supports Honduras, is Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina. I guess he actually read the whole situation for over-reacting, as this was not a coup, the military did not take over, the military never did take over, they ousted the dictator wannabe at the behest of the Supreme Court, which ordered him removed for his un-constitutional actions, which allow for him to be impeached/removed from government at all means possible.

Lets also remember, later on after the restoration of a freedom President, they found the results from the illegal vote that the dictator wannabe wanted to have.....hmmmmm sounds very democratic to me?

Honduras is a fight in a wilderness of cowards, especially with Costa Rica, and other Nations also being moved towards dictatorships once more....

Also this little tidbit, the next election for Honduras, in which the new President will be elected, the United States has announced they will not recognize the election...........I guess we are no longer a Nation that believes in defending liberty at all costs, that doesn't believe in fighting evil, tyranny, and dictatorships.......luckily we did not have this attitude during the American Revolution, or we would still be slaves to the Brits, and probably for Germany by now....

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Fausta said...

Connie Mack & Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are two other members of Congress backing Honduras.

Anonymous said...

There actually are at least two nations that are supporting Honduras: Taiwan and Israel.