Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let the campaign begin!

Congressman John McHugh has been officially approved as Secretary of the United States Army by the United States Senate, thus the special congressional election in the 23rd congressional district has officially begun, and the election will be one of the most interesting in recent memory.

I have blogged on this subject numerous times over the past several months, as I am a Conservative Republican activist from Upstate New York, who is a partyline hack. However, Republican Assemblywoman Scozzafava just does not have what I am looking for, as she is anti-life, anti-death penalty, anti-traditional marriage, pro-unions & card check legislation, not to mention she has been endorsed by the ACORN connected "Working Families party" in the past elections, and her Conservative voting rating is only 5% better then Democrat Liberal Sheldon Silver.

That is why I am supporting Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman for Congress, a man of Conservative convictions, who has signed onto to the American's for Tax Reform anti-tax pledge, as well as signed the 9/12 candidates pledge (to legislate based on the 9 principles & 12 values of the 9/12 project), is a big National security Conservative, realizes we need to actually cut spending, and unlike his liberal a full fledged pro-life candidate.

Not a tough decision for the average Conservative Republican?

Hoffman has also had a poll conducted to survey 300 voters in the 23rd congressional district, on the upcoming special congressional election :

30% support Scozzafava (R).
20% support Owens (D).
19% support Hoffman (C).
31% are undecided.

The poll also showcased that the voters in the district want a Conservative Republican over a Democrat or a Liberal Republican, meaning that Hoffman could really do well in the district, he actually has the chance to clinch victory. Also, 71% of respondents are willing to support a candidate on the Conservative line, with an additional part of the poll concluding that 44% of voters in the district are Conservative, above the Nationwide average.

I reside in the 21st congressional district, however, I am dedicated to helping Hoffman win this election, and shake the GOP back to Conservatism, once and for all. Hoffman can win this election, hell if he can pick up 6% of Scozzafava's vote, along with 10% of the undecided vote, Hoffman could win with 35% of the vote.

Hoffman 2009!

He is the only choice for Conservatives & Republicans alike.

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