Wednesday, September 2, 2009

McDonnell leads Deeds

Republican Bob McDonnell in the state of Virginia, is leading Democrat state senator, Creigh Deeds, by a 51-42% margin for the upcoming election of Governor in two months. His lead has increased from the 49-41% lead he held last month. Republican Chris Christie is likewise leading his Democrat opponent in the New Jersey Governor election, with a strong 47-36% lead over the Democrat Governor, somewhat down, but still dominant with two months to go as well.

There is some sputtering over a college thesis that McDonnell wrote two decades ago, however, according to voters in this Rasmussen Reports poll, a near 50% of all Virginia voters do not believe this thesis is important at all, 36% of voters believe it is important. Some believe that this thesis will cost him the Governorship, some believe Democrats will attempt to "macaca" McDonnell out of the election, I personally believe this will have no effect at all.

According to a brief news report, "A thesis gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell wrote in 1989 urges Republicans to shield two-parent, heterosexual families against abortion, feminism, welfare, "cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators."

The paper was disclosed Sunday by The Washington Post as Democrats look to erase McDonnell's lead in polls by portraying him as an extremist. Election day is about two months away.

McDonnell was 34 when he wrote the paper as part of his law and master's degree requirements at Regent University, the Christian college founded by Pat Robertson.

The paper praises most of the social legislation President Ronald Reagan and the Republicans enacted in the 1980s.

It blames tax policy and court rulings since the 1960s for weakening families."

That will have an effect in the socially Conservative state of Virginia? Shielding families from abortion is wrong? Shielding families from feminism is wrong? Shielding families from welfare is wrong? Shielding families from homosexuality is wrong? I think not, it is apart of daily life now adays, however......I believe that morals is a good thing.

This is much ado about nothing, McDonnell is the big Conservative candidate, beliefs in fiscal responsibility, has a good track record, and will win without problem.

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